Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2? Did Actor Just Confirm A Second Season?

After the end of the first season of “Jupiter’s Legacy”, it is inevitable to think of a second installment of the Netflix series created by Steven S. DeKnight and based on the homonymous comics by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

Although initially ‘What’s on Netflix’, noted that the streaming giant had plans for a new batch of episodes due to Mark Millar’s comments to the Scottish publication Herald Scotland, nothing is confirmed yet.

“Next year there will be the second season of Jupiter. There will be The Magic Order, a horror show and a great spy project,” said the screenwriter. However, on May 6 he said something different to Deadline.

“Season 2 depends on the audience. We don’t want to be too arrogant. All I see is that we are getting into this incredibly optimistic. We feel really good about it. I have seen even Covid, I sat on the edits almost every day and I never get tired of it. For this reason, people love it as much as we do”, he rectified.


At the end of the first season of the series Netflix, Raikou discovers that Walter is the one behind everything, he was the one who cloned Blackstar and blamed Skyfox. But when Raikou asks for more money for his silence, he simply kills his daughter.

While in prison, Blackstar threatens to kill Brandon, so Sheldon must decide between saving his son or staying true to the codes. However, thanks to Petra’s intervention, you don’t have to choose.

Also, Hutch uses his device to go to China, but before he can get his gadget some men reduce it, and due to the little oxygen in the room he cannot escape. Chloe arrives just in time and saves him. Later, George’s son shows that the superweapon that could pierce the strongest being on the planet is ready.

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