Love, Deaths & Robots Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled At Netflix?

The second season of “Love, Death & Robots,” an anthology series that spans various genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy, premiered Netflix just on Friday, May 14, 2021, but fans and users of the platform are already asking for a third installment.

While the first installment has 18 chapters, where terrifying beings, twisted surprises, and black humor converge in a series of animated stories for adults presented by Tim Miller and David Fincher.

In the second season, which only has eight episodes, the stories range from wild adventures on distant planets to disturbing encounters. So will there be a third installment of Love, Deaths & Robots?


Through the trailer for the second season, Netflix confirmed that the Emmy-winning anthology will return with new episodes in mid-2022. But how many will it have in the next installment?

For the second season the number of chapters was reduced to less than half, will the same happen in the third installment or will it include more stories that address issues such as racism, government, war, free will, and human nature?

It will most likely have eight episodes, and that the reduction in the number of chapters is related to the time it takes to produce a series like “Love, Death & Robots”.

After a long 26-month wait between the release of Vol. I and Vol. II, the reduction in the number of episodes to minimize the time between each season is understandable, something other television shows have done.


Though any official announcement regarding the release date of the third season is yet to be made by the authorities. It is speculated that the third season of “Love, Death & Robots” will premiere in mid-2022 on Netflix.

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