Pandemic and Government Mismanagement System

The Pandemic Covid-19 which started in 2019 has put severe impacts on Nation’s Economyandpeople. It resulted in the loss of life, loss of employment, and business of people. Earlier in this year when vaccines had developed by various pharmaceutical companies, it was expected that this pandemic would come into control. But the Second surge of this pandemic showed that the government hadn’t learned any lesson from the first outbreak of the pandemic. 

In this act of Negligence, the government permitted the organizing of once-in 12-year KumbhMelatobe advanced from 2022 to this year. The various health experts were guiding people to follow the precautions but the ruling government party sent messages that India has overcome the Pandemicby mode of road shows in poll-bound states without wearing the masks. 

In-spite of being aware of the country current Vaccine manufacturing capacity, the government made a prior commitment to various nations to provide the vaccine facility to various countries around the world. Even, in this month the government denied the license to private vaccine manufacturers which can contribute to fulfil this supply. Due to the sudden rise in cases, the poor management in the hospital (Sharing beds by two Covid Patients) and shortage of supply of oxygen put a severe impact on Nation’s image. 

The Current death tolls in various states like Karnataka (20172), 161 new fatalities in Bengaluru, more than 70 death reported in Goa medical college due to drop of oxygen level are the outcomes of this management. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Gujrat are the leading examples of this mismanagement. In Nutshell, government mismanagement has led to the suffering of the public around the nation. 

To Cope up with this issue, the government and people are using the social media platforms for providing them the information regarding the availability of medical facilities (Medicines, Hospital, and Covid Vaccine registration). Even, the various medical companies and businesses using this approach to survive in this pandemic. These new ideas will open new business models in the post- Covid Era.

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