Tesla Won’t Drive Automatically In 2021!


It is well known that Tesla boss Elon Musk likes to overshoot the mark. What is unusual, however, is that other Tesla officials contradict the CEO. That is exactly what has happened in the US now. A senior employee revised a promise made by Musk about autonomous driving.

Tesla is the market leader in electric cars in many ways, and American electric cars were considered to be superior to their competitors in two respects in particular: range and technology for autonomous driving. In terms of battery and range, however, Chinese e-cars are now often the benchmark; Mercedes has also presented a hot contender for the top spot with the EQS. Autonomous driving remains a unique selling point, but it is obviously nowhere near as far as CEO Elon Musk would like it to be.

He had previously announced that it would be possible to offer level 5 autonomous driving by the end of 2021, reported the US website Car and Driver. That would be the highest level and would mean that Tesla vehicles would then be able to drive fully automatically and not even have to have people on board. Statements that stand in a dubious light – not least because the accusation is still in the room that Tesla’s “autopilot” driver assistant was activated in a fatal accident in Texas a few weeks ago.

Tesla No Further Than The Competition

At the request of the Californian registration authority (DMV), Tesla had technically classified this statement by Musk, among other things. The result is sobering: for both the autopilot and Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” package (FSD), “Tesla is currently at Level 2,” said CJ Moore, senior software developer at Tesla’s Autopilot. Musk’s announcement is understood at Tesla as something that he has extrapolated based on the developments, as can be seen from the e-mail traffic between Tesla and the DMV.

With its products on the market, Tesla is just as advanced as the competition. Although they are working on reaching level 5, they cannot give any information about when the time will come. The Tesla boss leaned too far out of the window with his plans.


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