The Irregulars: Why Netflix Cancelled The Show For Season 2?

Although the end of the first season of “The Irregulars”(” The Irregulars “in its original language) left several unfinished stories, so a second installment would be necessary to give a proper closure to the story inspired by the legendary characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Netflix has already confirmed that this will not happen.

The series created by Oscar-nominated writer Tom Bidwell (“Watership Down”) and which tells the story of a group of “irregular” people investigating supernatural crimes for Dr. Watson and his partner Sherlock Holmes, will not have a second season.

What will happen to Sherlock and Alicia? Will they return to the world of the living? Will Bea and Jessie try to get their parents back? Will Watson Really Give Up Holmes? Is Sherlock with Alice in purgatory or was he trapped in another dimension? Will Leopold marry the woman his mother imposed on him, or will he find a way to get back to Bea? What will happen to Billy? And between Jessie and Spike? They are the questions that will remain in the air.


The cancellation of “The Irregulars” occurred just over a month after its premiere on Netflix, despite the fact that it was one of the streaming platform’s big bets and had remained in the Top 10 of the most popular of the service for several weeks.

Although the streaming giant has not confirmed an official reason for the cancellation, it is clear that the fiction did not meet the expectations of the executives, so Sherlock Holmes fans will have to look for other options.

“The Irregulars” is the latest in a series of cancellations of Netflix, after “The Duchess”, “Hoops”, “Queen Sono”, “The Order” and “Away”. In addition, “Castlevania”, which will launch its fourth and final season on May 13, and “The Last Kingdom”, which will conclude with its fifth installment.

On the other hand, recently the cancellation of the comedy “The Marchioness”, created and starring Katherine Ryan, was confirmed and in January of this year the animated series “Memories of Idhun” was given the same fate.

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