Brooklyn Nine-Nine: When Will Season 8 Premiere?

A few weeks ago, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” confirmed the sad news for its fans. After years on the air and cancellation in between, the comedy will finally conclude after 8 seasons. Now, NBC reported when the release date of the last episodes will be.

The eighth installment of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will be considerably shorter than the previous ones and will consist of only 10 episodes. The person in charge of confirming when the return will be was Susan Rovner, head of entertainment content at NBC Universal, in the area of television and streaming.

August will be the month the Andy Samberg-led comedy returns to the screen. Still without an exact date, what was reported: it will keep the television space left by the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held between July 23 and August 8. In addition, they revealed that some episodes will be double.

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“It will launch in August when the Olympics are over, which is a highly coveted space,” Rovner noted. In addition, he remarked: “We cannot think of anything more deserved to give to the final season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine'”. In this context, he stressed the importance of providing the space that could guarantee “the largest possible audience.”

The Most Remembered Scene

There is no doubt that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” gave unforgettable moments for its fans. However, there is one of them that stands out above the rest: the tribute to the Backstreet Boys. In a recognition round, Jake Peralta had the suspects sing the verses of “I Want it That Way”, before the astonished gaze of the witness. The actress who gave life to the witness spoke with Look Whom I Found and told how the iconic sequence was. “Andy Samberg wanted to tune 100%, he kept saying he didn’t tune, so he asked everyone on set to sing it for him, he asked one of the producers to play it on his cell phone. He was very specific with that,” he said.

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