Chicago PD: Is The Show Renewed For Season 9?

“Chicago P.D.” It is approaching the final stretch of its season number 8 and the expectation of the fans remains in suspense amid the confirmation of new deliveries. In comparison with the other fictions of the chain, the police drama declined in the audience, but, according to specialists, much of it is due to its broadcast time slot. Inevitably, several rumors began to shoot around the continuity of the series, but, although the results obtained in recent months have not been as expected, NBC is betting on the famous Police Department again.

NBC said that “Chicago P.D.” its continuity is guaranteed for at least three more seasons. In addition, the other two branches of the franchise also won similar contracts together with “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. Without a doubt, a great future is looming for creator Dick Wolf.

As confirmed, the ninth season of the Chicago crime series is already a fact and a large part of this triumph is due to the excellent presence it has online thanks to the fervent accompaniment made by its fans. The Pentagon authorized the production of “Chicago PD” to use actual clothing of serving officers.

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Amid the final enigmatic its eighth season, fans of “Chicago P.D.” wonder when the continuation of the story will begin. Recently, it was announced that the filming was delayed due to the complex scenario of the pandemic; However, the revival of the industry in recent weeks brought great relief to viewers. At the moment, nothing indicates that the calendar will be modified and we could wait for a new delivery at the end of September, as usual.

While NBC has yet to make an official announcement, if we take into account the usual release dates, fans could schedule the week of September 22-29 on their calendars to reconnect with their favorite police station.

The End Is Coming

In a recent interview given to TV Insider, actress Marina Squerciati, the interpreter Kim Burgess, promised a dramatic closing for the eighth season of ” Chicago P . D. “. According to him, this ending will have very different tints than what we are used to and will mark a fork in history, so fans of the NBC drama will be guaranteed future seasons of pure adrenaline.

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