Dark Desire Season 2: What Is Known About The Netflix Release?

Netflix is one the best platform which streams some of the good TV shows. Series on Netflix are something that is appreciable and has some good storyline and to be honest, are addictive too.

Dark Desire is one of the best TV shows on Netflix. It is a Mexican thriller series that includes drama and some erotic thriller. Dark Desire was so successful that Netflix renewed the show for the second season only after one month of the release of Dark Desire Season 1. Since then fans are waiting for the release of Dark Desire Season 2.

It has been heard that Dark Desire Season 2 will probably release very soon on the streaming Platform Netflix, but the question is when. Well get your answer here, we are here with some information about the series. Let’s Know…

When Dark Desire Season 2 Is Releasing?

First of all the question is are we lucky to have the second season of Dark Desire or not? the answer is Yes!! Dark Desire Season 2 will definitely release on Netflix. Filming for the second season has been started in the early days of year 2021. Now, the question is when we will get the second season. Well, the second season officially got a renewal on 19th August 2020 and it was planned to be released in late 2021 or in early 2022.

But as we all know the ongoing situation, it is not allowing the makers to film the show properly. It getting very hard to shoot the show. But still, we can assume that if everything goes well, Netflix might release Dark Desire Season 2 in mid of 2022, but it is very impossible to release it in the year 2021, just because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So, if you want to watch the second season of your favorite show Dark Desire then please stay safe, stay home, and wear a mask.

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