Friends: Actor Who Hated ‘The Cast’ Is Returning For The ‘Reunion Special’

After several delays due to the pandemic, when the meeting of “Friends” was supposed to be used to launch the HBO Max platform, the date of the special was finally announced. The program can be seen from May 27 and will arrive with some special guests. Among them, someone appears who was not on very good terms with those responsible for the series.

Added to the list of stars that will be part of the “Friends” reunion are faces that were part of the original broadcasts. Among them, that of Larry Hankin (he played the tedious neighbor Mr. Heckles), who lost his life in the second season. The actor spoke with Look Who I Found and referred to how difficult it was for him to find out the news.

Hankin recalled how the call went with his agent, who informed him that his character was being removed from the Friends’ sitcom. “I got really mad. I stayed like that until I went to the set,” said the actor. In addition, he said that when he appeared to shoot, he did not know that there was a party for the beginning of the season. “I thought we were going to rehearse, but all of a sudden it was a party. I looked around and all I wanted to do was talk to the producers. Then I saw the three of them together,” Larry recalled, saying that he approached them shouting.

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“They do not know what to do. There I realized, the silence made me aware. I tried to lower my voice, but they told me to talk about it later,” said the “Friends” actor. However, that talk never happened. “It was all they told me for the rest of the week. That conversation did not happen, no one spoke to me. It was very tough, perhaps the most awkward moment of my career,” Hankin said. This was apparently long forgotten, as it was announced on the special.

The Promise Of Good Times

With Larry Hankin confirmed and the special fully recorded, “Friends” fans are counting down the days until May 27, when it hits HBO Max. Courteney Cox, during a recent interview, said: “It was incredible, very emotional. We get to be on stage 24 for the first time all of us, in 15 years? 17 years? We had many special surprises. It was fantastic, it really was.”

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