Locke & Key: When Will Season 2 Release?

Locke And Key, a Netflix show which gained a lot of popularity and devotees when the first season released. Locke And Key Season 1 was released way back before the pandemic happened in 2020. Devotees are waiting for Locke & Key Season 2 since it was renewed.

After the ending of the first season which was full of suspense, everybody is waiting for the second season to release and to get their question’s answer. Because of one of the keys, we are not sure that who will trust when it comes to friends of the Locke siblings.

Here’s Every Information You Want To Know About Your Favourite Show.

Is Locke & Key Season 2 Canceled?

The answer is No!! Locke & Key has been renewed for two more seasons in December last year. Since then fans are waiting to watch the next season of the show.

Filming of the show is done in Toronto, right after the government allowed the production of the film Locke & Key Season 2 crew came back in action and wrapped up the filming in April 2021 for season 2. So, it is confirmed that Locke & Key Season 2 has not been canceled and we will soon get to watch the second season.

When Will The Second Season Release On Netflix?

Till now there’s no confirmed release date for the second season of the TV series, we have to wait for it, but it is confirmed that we are not getting it this month. Netflix usually releases the new season of any show after one year until the last season was released. But, this show Locke & Key was renewed late. Hence, we may get the second season in the end of this year or in early 2022.

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