Riverdale Season 5: A Fan Favorite Character Returns In The New Episodes!

The CW became the favorite place for youth dramas thanks to productions like “Supergirl” or “Supernatural”, to mention some of the best-known fictions. However, the one that gets all the attention every time it is named is “Riverdale”, which since its birth in 2017, has managed to captivate its fans and is in its fifth installment.

Now, while the fans of “Riverdale” wait for the return of fiction in August, with the second half of the current season, the creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, unveiled great news for the audience. An expected return to the show was confirmed, after almost 3 years of absence.

On his Instagram account, Aguirre-Sacasa published the script for the 15th episode of the current installment of the series headed by KJ Apa and revealed the news about Josie and the Pussycats, the famous high school band from Riverdale. “It’s official, The Pussycats are back,” wrote the showrunner on his networks, in a publication that was replicated by 2 of the actresses that make up the group.

We saw Josie and the Pussycats last time during the second season of ‘Riverdale’. After an internal fight, Josie left to have her solo career, and the band disbanded. In fact, the actresses stopped appearing in fiction, which between August and October will conclude its fifth season.

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Cole Sprouse’s Next Challenge

Among the members of the cast of “Riverdale”, Cole Sprouse stands out, one of the twins who played Ben in “Friends” and now, as an adult, he is enjoying a great acting present. Among his next projects is the romantic comedy “Moonshot”, which will have some elements of science fiction and will take him to the big screen. It is a story that will show Mars colonized by humans and will be co-starred by Lana Conder.

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