Sexify Season 2: What Is Known About The Release?

“Sexify” came to Netflix and it hasn’t been long for fans who have enjoyed the series to start asking for its second season. Following the breakout success of “Sex Education,” Netflix has commissioned a series of series that address the complexities of sex and relationships. This series is the newest to reach this category and it premiered on April 28.

It didn’t take long for fans to get attached to the series and many are now asking if “Sexify” will return to Netflix for season 2. The eight-episode series tells the story of Natalia, a girl with a fierce drive to win a prestigious technological competition. Natalia’s plan is to create an application that can satisfy the curiosity and sexual needs of her partners.

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The only problem is that she knows almost nothing about sex and must seek the help of her best friend Paulina and her roommate Monika to find out more. Despite the fact that “Sexify” Just released, has not stopped the audience has enjoyed the eight episodes and those who have reached the end have been quick to ask for more of this story.


It has not been announced yet if “Sexify” will return for season 2. That’s not a surprise, as the new series has just been released. It typically takes Netflix a few weeks, if not months, to order a second season, so we could wait a long time before we hear more. Typically, we would expect a second season to arrive about a year after the first installment, but since “Sexify” has not been renewed yet, there is no release date information.


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