ABC Has Renewed “The Rookie” For The Fourth Season

ABC’s one of the promising shows “The Rookie” has been renewed for the fourth season. Nathan Fillon’s The Rookie became the fan’s favorite show since 2019 when it was first premiered and it has been a solid performer for ABC for the last three seasons.

The Rookie Season 3 is going to end by this week which is sad for the fans but as of now it has been renewed for the fourth season so, there is no need to worry. On 14th May “The Rookie” was renewed for its fourth season, just a few days before the season 3 finale.

Here are some exclusive details about the show fan needs to know.

The Rookie Season 3 is now averaging almost 3.7 million same-day and live viewers and has almost 10 million total viewers for each episode. The show is getting a high response on websites like IMDb, it is still maintaining an 8/10 rating.

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When The Rookie Season 4 Will Release?

The show has just got a renewal for the fourth season and it’s difficult to say when it will release as of now because there is no official announcement by ABC regarding the release of the show.

But we surely can make some predictions about the release of The Rookie Season 4 based on its previous productions.

The Rookie Season 1 was premiered in October 2018, and almost after one year which is in September 2019 the second season of the show was released. The Rookie Season 3 would have been released in the year 2020 but it got delayed just because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and was released in January 2021.

So, if we assume that the production of the fourth season doesn’t suffer much because of the pandemic, we might get The Rookie Season 4 somewhere in September or October month of this year.

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