Call Of Duty: 500,000 Players Have Already Been Banned In A Year

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Half a million cheaters have been banned by Raven Software within the Call of Duty Warzone. The title was released just over a year ago, but many have wanted to alter the games since then.

The battle royale is a genre that attracts large numbers of players and if the game is free to play, many more are attracted by its formula … and if this game bears the signature of Call of Duty … The result is a tremendous success that Warzone has had.

Just over a year ago, Activision surprised everyone with the premiere of this free title that has quickly managed to carve a niche among the great games of the genre, on a par with colossi such as Fortnite or Apex Legends. However, a large number of players are also often accompanied by a few cheaters.

Since the beginning of the game that Call of Duty Warzone had, Raven Software, the company in charge of working on the title, has had its hands full with stability patches, content updates, bug fixes, and also with keeping cheats at bay. The use of hacks and cheats is already a constant, but the fight continues.

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The latest report from the developer has highlighted that 30,000 malicious accounts were banned yesterday, which leaves us with a total count of half a million players banned for using cheats. This figure offers a better perspective on the large number of players who cheat in a battle royale.

This, of course, has many negative consequences for those who wish to play by the rules. There are already users who prefer to disable crossplay so as not to cross paths with PC players, where more cheaters can be found.

Of course, there are players who carry the banner of fighting hackers. Without going too far, Mara’s actress in Call of Duty Modern Warfare managed to ban two cheating streamers from Warzone. Hopefully, the use of these hacks will be reduced as much as possible over time.

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