Cursed Season 2: Are We Getting A Second Season?

Netflix has great taste when it comes to TV series, their all-new TV shows are making fans crazy. Cursed is one of the most anticipated and appreciated TV shows on Netflix. This TV series made many fans and devotees when it was released on July 17, 2020, with 10 episodes. Fans were very excited to see Kathrine Langford as Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.

Not only fans but, critics also appreciated the show and was rated very good. After the first season Fans are waiting for Cursed Season 2 soon to be released, as they think the second season will surely resolve the cliffhangers left in the first season.

Here’s every update about the show for which fans were waiting.

Is Cursed Renewed For The Second Season?

Presently, there is no official announcement on the renewal of the show yet. But, if it renews it will resolve all the cliffhangers which were left in the first season of Cursed. There’s nothing to worry about because Netflix takes time to renew a show for the next season and honestly a show like Cursed is worth waiting for.

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Katherine Langford has recently said that “There is so much of story left.”

Maybe Netflix is not renewing the show because of the ongoing situation, we all know that most of the production is on halt or has been delayed due to this ongoing pandemic. So, you all don’t have to be worried about the renewal of the show because once everything seems good Netflix may renew the show for the second season which means we will definitely get Cursed Season 2.

It’s yet not confirmed that when we will get Cursed Season 2 on Netflix, but once Netflix renewed the show and if everything goes well and good we might get the show after one year of renewal.

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