iOS 15: What Apple Should Introduce In The Update?

In June, Apple gives us a first look at iOS 15, which will be officially available for download again in autumn. We’ll use the time until then and show three cool iPhone features that Apple should definitely consider with the next iPhone update. Including improvements for two well-known apps and the idea of ​​a completely new application.

It’s not long gone, because, on June 7th, Apple will give us the first preview of iOS 15, after all, the next big iPhone update will be one of the stars of Apple’s developer conference (WWDC), which starts on that day. The question arises: what will Apple improve, what will change and what will be new?

There are already speculations and wish lists in the form of handsome concepts for iOS 15, such as the ideas paper presented a few weeks ago by Parker Ortolani, known from Buzzfeed and 9to5Mac. Back then, the focus was on the home screen, the app media library, and the “nightstand mode”. But it is worth taking another look at the concept paper because even then we will discover a number of clever ideas. Initially, we will focus on Apple’s central app for IP telephony and video conferencing – FaceTime.

FaceTime in iOS 15: Screen Sharing Idea for iPhone

How could FaceTime be improved? To be honest, there’s plenty of room for that. For example, it would be a wonderful idea to plan FaceTime calls together with other Apple users on the basis of the respective Apple ID and to link them to calendar invitations. An indispensable plus especially in the home office and already standard with products such as Google Meet and Google Calendar – Apple should not back down.

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What is still missing with FaceTime would then be screen sharing. Already possible on the Mac via the Messages app, but iOS is still left out. This should change, because screen sharing is not only useful for taking older people by the hand and supporting them with support, the feature is also a great advantage for virtual collaboration.

Inspired By The Mac: The Keychain Management

Another thing that the Mac has had for a long time, but unfortunately not directly for the iPhone and iPad – the keychain management. A separate, central app for collecting and organizing all passwords. Unfortunately, there is currently only “slimmed down” hidden in the depths of the settings in iOS. But actually, the iPhone deserves its own keychain management in a separate app.

The Bottom Line

The suggestions made by Parker Ortolani are conclusive and are actually obvious. Now Apple just has to see this as well and work on the integration in iOS 15, because we could actually imagine the implementation at the end like this or something like that.

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