MacBook Air 2021: Insider Reveals Details! New Features Revealed!

Jon Prosser, insider and “traitor”, spoils the iPhone manufacturer’s surprise again and reveals a whole armada of details for the upcoming MacBook Air 2021. The new colors that have already become known are just the beginning, the real surprise: Apple does the thing “Flat” – in the truest sense of the word.

Prosser had already informed you about the new colors of the future MacBook Air 2021, now there are even more details and secrets. According to the insider, he was able to take a look at real photos of the new Apple notebook. In order to protect his sources, however, he does not show them. Instead, there are images based on it from the computer, made by “RendersbyIan” alias Ian Zelbo.

MacBook Air 2021 Extremely Thin: Apple Flattens The Notebook

What can we now expect, what are Apple’s plans for the MacBook Air 2021? In any case, the revelations paint a completely new picture of Apple’s bestselling notebook. In detail:

  • The case of the MacBook Air 2021 is no longer pointed, is flat, and generally extremely thin. The USB-C ports (two pieces, each on the left and right side of the device) just barely fit in.
  • As predicted, it will be very colorful. The new colors (probably 7 in number) correspond to those of the new iMac 2021, but the almost pastel colors of the base, not the strong colors of the back of the computer.
  • There is a white border around the screen like the iMac. However, it is still unclear how thick the border will be at the end. Prosser could not see this detail in the original picture.
  • The keys of the keyboard are white. Speaking of which: The function keys are no longer half the height, but from now on the full height. A little more space is required and the lower part and trackpad shrinks a bit.

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Not Yet Known: The Release Date

The use of the upcoming Apple chip generation (M2) is of course not visible, but it can be assumed. There are still uncertainties regarding the release date. Prosser says that if the new MacBook Air is presented this year, it won’t be until the end of the year. So if you were already hoping for summer (WWDC) or early autumn, you will definitely have to wait a little longer. If Apple takes even more time, it may not be something until 2022.

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