Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The End Of An Era!

Samsung says goodbye: For the Galaxy Watch 4, the South Korean manufacturer should definitely say goodbye to Tizen, as a well-known online magazine would like to know exclusively. Instead, the smartwatch will run on Google’s Wear OS. There is also more information about the versions and a completely redesigned user interface.

After eight years, the end of an era seems to have come for Samsung’s smartwatches. The electronics company is said to say goodbye to its self-developed Tizen operating system and wants to bring the Galaxy Watch 4 with Google’s Wear OS onto the market. There have been rumors of this kind over the past few weeks and are now being confirmed by Samsung Mobile.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Three Smartwatch Models With Different Designs

Up to three models of the Galaxy Watch 4 are said to be in the works. One of them, developed under the code name “Wise”, contains design elements of a classic watch and is said to have a rotating bezel. The other two variants are supposed to have a more sporty look and operate under the names “Fresh” and “Lucky.” According to SamMobile, it is already certain that a variant of these Samsung smartwatches will have the addition “Active”.

It is not clear from the report whether the latter two also have a rotating bezel. Samsung may opt for a two-part approach: the Galaxy Watch 4 in the classic watch look has a rotating bezel and is thus based on the Galaxy Watch 3, while the two sports versions are based on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and have a digital bezel.


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