Sons Of Anarchy: Why Was The Prequel Cancelled?

The series “Sons Of Anarchy” premiered in 2008 and, from the outset, received good reviews and was able to gather many fans throughout its seven seasons. The world of bikers and family conflicts created by Kurt Sutter seemed to have room for many stories and his idea was to be able to explore the past with a prequel, but these plans changed over the years and it seems that that is no longer possible.

The FX series starred Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the vice president of the motorcycle club that bears the fictional name. At the beginning of the strip, he discovers the manuscript of his father, founder of the group, where he clarified his ideas and yearnings for space, but none of them seemed to align with the direction taken by Jax’s president and stepfather, Clay Morrow ( Ron Perlman). From the beginning, the proposal of the founders of the space was one of those that most interested the fans and this was precisely what Sutter wanted to explore in the miniseries about the “First Nine”, but the production company made it almost impossible to carry it out.

When “Sons Of Anarchy” came to an end in 2014, Sutter revealed to Nerdcore Movement that he had very specific plans for a “Sherlock-style” miniseries, with long episodes, where the history of the nine founders of the club would really be explored. But now that idea is in limbo from which it can hardly get out due to a dispute between Disney and the creator of the series.

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In 2019, Kurt Sutter was fired from FX following several complaints against him for misconduct. For this reason, the relationship with the chain, which would later become the property of Disney, was broken and, since they have the rights to the characters and the story, the future of the project “does not look promising” , as he himself revealed in an interview with Deadline. For now, fans should be left wanting to see the beginning of the narrative that won them over.

The Spin-Off That Does Have A Future

After the conclusion of “Sons Of Anarchy”, the story was still open to explore other groups and characters. That is why FX gave the green light to “Mayans MC”, a fiction that follows the group that once knew how to rival Teller’s club, but later became an ally. A few weeks ago, the chain announced that they are still more than satisfied with this strip and that they would renew it for a fourth installment.

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