Samsung Galaxy Buds And Windows 10 Are The New Best Friends!

Samsung’s wireless headphones from the Galaxy Buds range now get along much better with Windows 10. Samsung has published its own program for the operating system in Microsoft’s Store, which simplifies the control of the Galaxy Buds. Pairing via Bluetooth should also be faster this way.

Windows 10: Galaxy Buds With Its Own Program

After Samsung has already published its own program for Windows 10 with SmartThings , it is now the turn of the Bluetooth headphones from the Galaxy Buds series. From now on, owners of the headphones can download a program from the Microsoft Store to keep control of the Galaxy Buds under Windows 10.

However, owners shouldn’t expect groundbreaking innovations. Instead, the focus is on settings for the headphones. For example, users can switch on an equalizer or activate or deactivate speech recognition. In addition, settings for automatic noise suppression can be made. It is also possible to reset the settings. The remaining battery charge of the headphones is also displayed. In addition, the firmware of the Galaxy Buds can be updated directly via the program for Windows 10.

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According to Samsung, pairing via Bluetooth should also accelerate if users have installed the program for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. However, further details are not given.

Samsung: Program Only For Galaxy Buds Pro

At the beginning, according to 9to5Google, only owners of the Galaxy Buds Pro will be able to control their headphones under Windows 10. But it will not stay that way, because the other devices in the series (Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus, Galaxy Buds Live) will receive support “soon”, as Samsung explains. Samsung has not revealed exactly when this will be the case.

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