The Witcher Prequel ‘Blood Origin’ Starts Production!

The work on the “The Witcher” prequel “Blood Origin” is finally starting! In England, the arrangements for filming the Netflix series are already being made.

“The Witcher: Blood Origin” should be shot in August. Already now the arrangements are being made in the Arborfield Studios in England, script readings are being held and leading actor Laurence O’Fuarain is training diligently for his role as the first witcher of Netflix’s” The Witcher” universe.

Sets are set up and corona measures are taken before filming begins. While O’Fuarain plays the male part of Fjall, there should also be a female main character: Hurry. Originally, actress Jodie Turner-Smith was slated for the role, but she dropped out.

I think it’s not the first time in my life that I might have to make a difficult decision because things are the way they are or because the world works that way, and so does my life. But I was just very excited that I was in contact with the Witcher team and I’m looking forward to finding another project for us in the future.

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So far, Netflix has not yet named a replacement. Until the start of shooting in August, however, there is not much time left to fill the important role in “The Witcher” prequel.

A start date has not yet been set for “The Witcher: Blood Origin” or “The Witcher” Season 2. Henry Cavill is expected to appear again as Geralt von Rivia in winter 2021. “Blood Origin” will probably only start in the Netflix program in 2022.

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