Who Killed Sara Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled At Netflix?

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Meanwhile, the Netflix series has broken up who is responsible for the murder of the title character. Will there still be a third season?

The Mexican Netflix series “Who Murdered Sara?” Has been causing suspense for two seasons. Shortly after the start of the new episodes, fans ask themselves whether a sequel is planned and when it could start with the successful streaming service. You can read about a possible season 3 of “Who murdered Sara?” Here.

Is Season 3 Of “Who Murdered Sara” In Planning?

Fans of the dramatic thriller series get a sobering answer for the time being because season 3 of “Who Murdered Sara?” Has not yet been officially confirmed. Netflix may want to wait for the response from viewers, after all, the second season did not start until May 19, 2021.

We, therefore, advise all enthusiastic viewers to be patient. In a couple of weeks, the streaming service may have commented on the third season. If you look at the finale of season 2, you can strongly assume that it will be a sequel, the cliffhanger invites you to further stories.

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Who Would Appear In Season 3 Of Who Murdered Sara?

Since no further season has yet been requested, it is currently not possible to officially say who could appear in a possible season 3. If Netflix decides on a sequel, certain actors from the previous cast should of course not be missing. We expect the cast of the young and the adult Alex back, and Sara actress Ximena Lamadrid should also appear in further flashbacks to tell more about her narcotics-dealing past.

The return of the two Nicandro actors is also particularly important. The younger version is used to show why he killed Sara and the older version still has to face Alex after Alex learns the truth about his sister’s murder. We’ll find out who will actually return to the series in the end as soon as Netflix has officially confirmed the third season. Until then, fans should continue to fuel the streaming numbers and fuel the success of the series.

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