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What Does ‘FYP’ Mean? Why Do People Comment ‘FYP’ On TikTok?

What does FYP mean on TikTok? It stands for “Follow Your Passion.” This is a common phrase that many of the top TikTok users will say in their videos. The goal of this message is to inspire viewers to pursue their passions and live out the dreams they have always wanted. If you are struggling with what your passion should be, or if you just want some inspiration, then follow these steps below!

How to Follow Your Passion:

Step One: What are your interests?

Think about all of the things that you love doing. These could include any activities, hobbies, or tasks that bring a sense of joy and fulfillment when you do them. Put these down as potential passions! How many did you come up with? Five is usually a good number to start with.

Step Two: Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Now it’s time for some introspection! What is one thing that comes naturally to you but not so easy for others? What else might be something in which you excel at compared to others? Make sure this includes physical skills like playing sports or mental abilities such as math class. Write this down in your strengths column! What are the areas that you’re not as good at? Write these down in your weaknesses column.

Step Three: Discover what complements your strengths

What activities, hobbies or tasks complement and build upon one another for a sense of fulfillment? Which ones do they bring out the best in each other? List all of these here under “what I like to do” with an asterisk next to them (*).

Step Four: Figure out how to make money from it

Now we get into the nitty-gritty questions about where this passion can be turned into something profitable. What skills would need to be learned for this profession or activity. If you have any entrepreneurial traits, list those too because that’s going to come up in your mind a lot.

Step Five: Use this information to make your decision

This is a big step and you might want to think about it some more before just jumping in, but once you’ve found out all the pros and cons of each activity or profession then use them as deciding factors on which one suits you best! If that’s still too difficult for now, go back through the steps again until there are less options left. Then feel free to revisit these decisions periodically when things change – don’t be afraid if your preferences change over time because everything changes with age.

What does FYP mean on TikTok?

The acronym “FYP” means follow your passion (or pursue your dreams) and was created by American entrepreneur Dan Miller in 2005.

Why do people comment ‘FYP’?

Some people have been seeing a trend of ‘FYP’ being left in the comments section on various social media platforms. What does this mean? Why do people comment ‘FYP’? And what is the meaning behind these two letters and a period?

Many people believe that FYP stands for “for your pleasure.” Others say it means “fixed your post” or “follow your passion.”

Web designer and social media expert, Matthew Shannon, believes that it is a phrase used to tell another person to take their opinion elsewhere. He says this could be because the commenter did not agree with what was said in the post or they wanted something else out of the conversation.

Why is getting on the FYP important?

TikTok is a popular app with more than 2 billion downloads. It has a huge user base and it can be hard to cut through the noise. But you can use the FYP to see what kind of content is popular, and what newer users should aim for. The follower count often factors into it, but getting onto the FYP can also make your account famous too – like Brittany Tomlinson’s account “kombucha girl.” She just posted a simple TikTok of her reacting to tasting kombucha, and then months later she was on TV because she got so many followers!

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