How to Delete the Perspective Grid in Illustrator | TheNuHerald

Illustrator CS5 has a new tool called the Perspective Grid. It is for making 3D art. The Perspective Grid can be used to create one, two, or three vanishing points. The vanishing points are controllable. Objects can be made from scratch or they can be selected and put in perspective.

The Perspective Grid is a special tool in Illustrator. It helps you draw objects in perspective on the page. It will not be in your final artwork, even if the tool is visible when your art is finished. The grid on the infographics can be turned on or off and individual objects of the infographic can be taken away from it.

Table of Contents

Step 1

Click ‘View,’ then select ‘Perspective Grid’ and your grid will disappear. The keyboard shortcut for Internet Explorer is Ctrl-Shift-I. (For a 10th grader)

Step 2

To turn off Snap to Grid, click on the Perspective Grid menu and select ‘Snap to Grid’ from the list.

Step 3

If you want to select an object, click on ‘Object’. Then, click on ‘Perspective / Release with Perspective.’ When you release the object from the grid, it does not undo changes that you made to perspective while working on that grid.

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