NCIS Season 17: Who is Cody James Reedy? Tribute & Cause of Death Explained

Many people help society, but they are not famous. After episode 4, we find one such hero. After this episode of NCIS, we paid homage to a man named Cody James Reedy.

After this, the public and media questioned who this person was. Why did they receive a tribute from NCIS?

If you want to know more about him, stay in this article.

Who is Cody James Reddy?

This person was not well-known until they were in the tribute. But after people find out about this young man’s sacrifice, they want to know why it happened.

The official said he was a member of a production team. He was not on the crew team. Cody James Reddy is an important member of NCIS. A member said that he will be with the NCIS family forever.

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Cody James Reedy Tribute on NCIS

It is fashionable to give a tribute to people who have passed away. And Cody James Reddy has been the stand-in for NCIS actor Mark Harmon since 2013. That means that he is filling in for him on the set.

Someone who helped make the show really good was honored. These texts are very personal. We try to share personal information about people and also respect their privacy.

This tribute proves that his contribution to the show is unforgettable and he has left a legacy for people to watch.

Cody James Reedy Cause of death

Coddy James Reddy died on September 19. The main cause of death was an overdose of fentanyl.

He died at a young age. We are very sad. People who watch NCIS can’t forget Holling. He was a lawyer on the show JAG.

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