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What does wwg1wga mean? Twitter Cryptic posts about QAnon Explained!

What is a long word with consonants? A cryptic tweet is when someone sends a message that has a hidden meaning. Brief summary of the meaning:

More people know about social media channels and are making their own content. There are many videos that go viral on TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram.

However, the use of social media apps has helped to spread fake messages more quickly. This is a new form of cryptic messages.

QAnon is a thing. Donald Trump is the president of America, and they are friends.

We are not telling people what to think. We aren’t saying that we believe these theories.

What does the message mean?

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What does wwg1wga mean?

We don’t know who started the trend.

The BBC first reported on wwg1wga in a news story from 2018. The newspaper said that people who support Donald Trump have been seen wearing shirts, carrying signs and banners with this slogan.

The people were wearing a shirt that said ‘We are Q’. This is because they believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory.

What does wwg1wga mean

So, what is QAnon?

According to the BBC, QAnon is a conspiracy theory that claims the Trump administration is leading a secret war against an evil international group of people. Some people think that the online world is mysterious because no one knows that much about it.

Sky News reports a movement that supports President Trump. The president is fighting against former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and billionaire George Soros.

QAnon posts are made by someone we do not know.

Furthermore, the posts often sound like a riddle. People will want to read it and solve it.

Facebook bans QAnon accounts

Facebook will remove all accounts that make up fake conspiracy theories.

The company said to reporters:

How did QAnon start?

The Independent published an article with all the theories about who is Q. It started when someone did not give their name and signed off as Q on a website called 4chan. The anonymous person used the name “Q Clearance Patriot.”

Q Clearance is a type of security clearance. It is needed to see top secret restricted data in the American State Department of Energy. The person on 4chan might have used this to say important and official things.

Since then, the cryptic messages have been moved to social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. They have attracted attention from mainstream media as well as celebrities and their fans.

There are lots of threads on Reddit and Twitter about this conspiracy theory.

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