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Tom Felton and Emma Watson Relationship Timeline: Are They Back Came with Each Other?

Emma Watson and Tom Felton, who are both well-known actors in the world of Harry Potter, have been dating for nearly two years. After they split up back in June 2017, there have been rumors that Tom was cheating on Emma with one of his co-stars from The Circle. Now Tom has spoken out about their relationship status to confirm that he is still together with Emma.

He is best known for his role in the Harry Potter series. In this, he played Draco Malfoy. In the Harry Potter series, this character had the most villainous award. Thomas Andrew Felton is an actor from England. He is also a musician and poet.

Felton has been on two TV shows. The first was Silicon Valley and the second was the DC Universe’s popular TV show, The Flash.

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Emma Watson as Hermione

This series made her popular. Emma Watson is an actor who acted in Harry Potter. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, she played a character that was in the first movie. She won an award for best young actor.

In the years since these music videos have been released, they have become popular and won many awards.

Relationship rumor between Tom Felton and Emma Watson

According to available sources, they are supposedly dating. There was speculation about Emma and Tom’s relationship on social media. They are friends and they spend time together.

The two started their relationship when Tom posted about them on social media. You need to make up good stories for people. They will not like you if you do not.

I call it being able to help yourself. Reports say that she and Tom are not dating. Emma was happy being single in her interview. But Emma has said that they have only been friends and not dating.

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Some Post My Tom Felton and Emma Watson

Tom said, ‘We are not together at the moment. But we are still friends.’ The public does not know if they are just friends or if they are getting married.

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