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Carly Foulkes: Who is This T-Mobile Girl? What Happened to Her?

Who is T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes? What Happened to Her?

What happened to her? Who is Carly Foulkes?Since 2013, Foulkes has been not active in the ad industry. Carly Foulkes in the T-Mobile ads was very popular from 2010-2013. Foulkes seems to have left, but no one knows for sure.

The T-Mobile Fame Girl

She is from Canada and an actress. Foulkes was born in 1988. T-Mobile MyTouch 4G TV commercials were about her. Carly was wearing a pink and white dress. She always wore her signature biker attire. She wore a pink top and black bottom. Andy Foulkes was T-Mobile’s spokesperson from fall 2010 to spring 2013.

Foulkes was a woman with dark hair. The model, who is 32 years old, was also in other advertisements. In 2012, Foulkes starred in a T-Mobile advertisement. In the ad she wears a pink winter coat and then changes into a pink and white dress.

After releasing this new ad, T-Mobile announced that Foulkes will no longer be part of their old campaign. The latest commercial is different from the old one because she wears a motorcycle jacket and a 1000cc Ducati superbike. The commercial makes it clear how fast and powerful T-Mobile is.


S*x Symbol and Current Life

Commercials she filmed made her popular. I am happy but it is funny. The media made her look like a bad girl. A man named Henrik said in an interview on My Daily Foulkes that he is very homey and comfortable. In the article, “2013 Year in Review,” Business Insider journalist Laura Stampler says that Terry is one of the most recognizable spokesmen for a company.

Carly is not a model any more. She is now a photographer and musician. Carly mostly interacts on Instagram. She likes to post pictures and share them with her friends. In 2020, Carly released her latest song, I’m All Talk. It is not clear if her contract with the company is still standing. She posted: ‘This song is about loving someone, but ending up breaking up with them because they are not right for you.’ Carly has been seen at a few T-Mobile events since 2013.

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