Gravity Falls Season 3 CONFIRMED in 2021: Release Date, Plot & Updates

Gravity Falls is a TV show that many people are excited about. There are lots of rumors about what will happen in the third season. But we found out what will really happen and we can tell you! The third season is coming soon, so keep watching!

Some of the people in the town are noticing there are some events that don’t make sense. Now that there are two seasons of Gravity Falls, we are checking for when the third season will start. Gravity Falls was a show in 2012. It is interesting and funny. The show is about two kids. They go visit their Gruncle in Gravity Falls because they are twins. The show was made by a person who is called Alex. It has lots of viewers.

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Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date

Season three of Gravity Falls is not going to happen, but the creator has not ruled out returning in the future. He wanted to end the show on a high and he also loves the characters. We will not know what will happen until we see them again.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast

Character Cast
Dipper Pines Jason Ritter
Mabel Pines Kristen Schaal
Grunkle Stan Alex Hirsch
Wendy Corduroy Linda Cardellini
Soos Ramirez Alex Hirsch
Pacifica Northwest Jacki Buscarino
Stanford Pines J.K. Simmons
Bill Cipher Alex Hirsch

Gravity Falls Premise

Mabel and Dipper are twins, but they are not the same. Mabel likes boy bands and boys, while Dipper is more of a nerd. Wendy likes Dipper, but he does not like her back. There is a new TV show coming on called Gravity Falls (a cartoon) that will be airing soon so they go to the woods there for summer vacation.

When Dipper and Mabel’s uncle introduces them to the Mystery Shack, they are very excited. They thought it was going to be a place where you could find mysteries. Once they got there, they realized that it was a tourist trap. They were tricked by Grunkle Stan.

One of the employees, Soos, refused to advertise the Mystery Shack in the woods. But Dipper and Mabel did it for him because their uncle tricked them into doing so. When they went into the woods, Dipper found a journal with words on it that said “TRUST NO ONE.”

The book is about many things. There are adventures, like cloning and time travel. People also do not know what is going on in the book because there is a demon who wants to steal it.

Someone (Gideon Gleeful) is trying to steal The Shack. He has a demon’s help (Bill Cipher). There are also lots of adventures in the book such as cloning and time travel.

Dipper tries to make the government agents believe him when they say he is not crazy. He does this by conjuring zombies. Then, when Dipper and Mabel find the bunker journal, it turns out that the author was Stan’s brother! But then, Stan tells them that he was trying to get his brother back from a trapped portal. He pretended it was his brother so that no one would know what happened.

The heroes fought the demon again. They joined together to defeat it. And then the world was saved. The show might not come back because it has ended. That’s what Alex Hirsch said, but he said that it wasn’t canceled and is just decommissioned so that they don’t have to keep talking about the main parts of what happened in season 2 of the show.

Case in point, the main villain. The ultimate enemy has died. This means that he is unlikely to come back any time soon. Secondly, with everything else from the journal and Shack all revealed, it’s natural for the plot to end there. We have been shown that Dipper and Wendy are just close friends now so we’ll only watch two seasons of this show and then it will be over.

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