Who is Tony Lopez? What happened with him? N*de leaks fuel TikTok Star’s Hilarious Response

You’d think there’d be a better method to secure ourselves online in this day and age when much of our personal information is saved on our phones. Unfortunately, this is not the case. N*de leaks are nothing new. The popularity of sharing a humorous photo or video means that anyone, whether an A-List star or a regular Joe, may find himself in hot water.

When it comes to celebrities, though, these leaked N*des have a propensity to become viral. Aren’t we all aware of the 2014 iCloud hacking case, which involved celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst?

And now, a new generation of celebrities, particularly TikTok fans, are being targeted by this intrusive and nasty practise.

What happened to Tony Lopez, then? So, what did he say about it?


Who is Tony Lopez?

Tony, who is twenty years old, became famous after making dancing videos on TikTok with his brother Ondreaz. The Lopez Brothers are their given names. Tony began dancing with his brother in high school, according to Famous Birthdays. Tony’s TikTok account currently has over 5 million followers. Ondreaz is 22 years old, having been born on April 4th, 1997.

What happened to Tony Lopez and the TikTokkers?

Several Twitter users claimed to have access to N*des of TikTok stars Tony Lopez, Chase Hudson, Benji Krol, and Bryce Hall earlier this week (beginning Monday, February 10th).

It didn’t take long for followers of the social media stars to intrude on their privacy and demand the footage. They soon gained traction on Twitter and went viral.

Benji has spoken out about the leak, slamming the people who are spreading it. Chase, a.k.a. lilhuddy, has released a TikTok video claiming that it wasn’t him. Tony’s reaction, though, has received the greatest praise.

What did Tony say about the leak?

Tony has addressed ‘N*des-gate’ on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and in doing so, he has been his normal funny self. And, like the Sprouse brothers when Dylan’s N*des were exposed on the internet, older brother Ondreaz has joined in the fun.

Tony tweeted on February 10th, 2020, “My mother phones Ondre and asks, “Where is your pornstar brother?”

“Just when I thought chopping my hair would shatter the internet, Tony had to one up me SMH,” Ondreaz had tweeted the day before.

Furthermore, the TikTok stars implicated in the incident have all rushed to TikTok to sing along to Camila Cabello’s song “My Oh My,” which includes the words “I swear on my life that I’ve been a nice girl.”

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