Winds of Winter Release Date 2021 Confirmed! George R.R. Martin Revealed Truth?

If you’re a fan of Game About Thrones, you’ve probably heard of Winds Of Winter. The Game of Thrones universe’s next fantasy book. We have to be honest with ourselves: Game of Thrones last season was a disaster. Fans of both the series and the novel, however, desire more of this program. They want to know what happened before all of this, as well as what will happen after the Game of Thrones events.

For a long time, George R.R. Martin has been working on a novel for us. It will be the sixth installment in his vast fantasy realm, revealing numerous details from the original program and novel.

Fans have been waiting a long time for the release of Winds of Winter. We are halfway through 2021 and George R.R. Martin has not finished it yet. Sadly, he had some bad news for us too in April of this year when he said that he would not be finishing it soon, but we hope that maybe someday soon!



Winds of Winter Release Date 2021 Updates: Everything We Know So Far:

There is virtually little information available regarding the new novel’s narrative and plotline. We have some knowledge of the novel. One thing to keep in mind is that this chapter of the series is rather lengthy. There are hundreds and hundreds of pages of tales. He said in one of his blogs that a novel’s initial draught is thousands of pages lengthy. It’ll be a fascinating read.

We can’t claim to know when the novel will be completed and released. We can’t even estimate when George R.R. Martin will release it because he’s been writing and postponing it so much.

Winds of Winter Release Date:

Winds of Winter Release Date 2021 Updates: Everything We Know So Far:

UPDATE [July 18, 2021]: As of now the book doesn’t have a release date as the book is still in the completion phase. As per credible sources, the book will be finished by the end of 2021. You will get to see the release of the book by Mid-2022.

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Martin has written at an impressive pace in the past. He wrote 150 pages each month when he was working on a book called Storm of Swords, but he is not writing as much now. Martin is sad about his canceled trip to Wellington and said that he will visit it in 2021 if both The Winds of Winter and Covid-19 are finished by then.

Since this announcement, Martin has written two additional posts with updates about his writing. The first one was published in August 2020. In it, he talked about how he had a good routine that involves a lot of writing. As of November 2020, he mentioned that he was still spending a lot of time writing about the Lannister siblings and Dorne, the Martells’ seat of power.

Martin, who doesn’t often encourage his fans to keep their hope up about the book that they are eagerly waiting for, has been known to work on other side projects. But it is good news that he is now working on his book again. The Winds of Winter will be out eventually, and in the meantime, people can read the other books in “A Song of Ice and Fire” or try some of Martin’s other books.

We really can’t pretend when the novel will be finished and published. George R.R. Martin has been writing and delaying so much that we can’t even predict when it will be released.

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