The Last Of Us: Fan Made Short Film Highlights Heartbreaking Story 2021

And you imagined Joel’s entry in The Last Of Us story was terrible. The Last of Us enthusiast movie Stay reveals how other people in the game’s world managed the Cordyceps virus disorder.

The movie produced by Joshua Toonen, who brought education from running on Hollywood films involving Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and grouped up with 40 or so other film creators, involving VFX actors, unique effects makeup professionals, and more, to make a small movie motivated by The Last of Us. 

The Last Of Us Short Film Highlights Heartbreaking Story Produced By Fans

While we pause quietly for HBO’s forthcoming The Last Of Us TV series, we are lucky sufficient to have a spate of outstanding fan-created movie projects arise from the shadows. 

From the wildly vivid Project Spores to a handful of adequately edited film theory trailers, Joel and Ellie’s dusty post-apocalyptic atmosphere is indeed intense with exciting and mysterious storytelling concepts.

And talking of which, a latest fan-made small movie motivated by The Last Of Us recently premiered on Youtube (H/T Kotaku) spring this week named Stay, and it’s severely very well done. 


Check out the short film here:

The Last Of Us Short Film Storyline

Stay in the tale of two survivors whose concern for the Santa Monica Pier shines their route through the terrible, suffocating world of The Last of Us.

A crew made it of film creators, VFX specialists, and enthusiasts of the game to show an original tale in the universe of The Last of Us. I am incredibly thankful for everyone who struggled so hard to make this tale to life.

In the small, youthful couple, Sean and Emily’s tale describe during two separate periods. One is set before the virus disorder, and the second in the middle of it. The pair have plans to drive to Santa Monica when considers the virus splits out. 

Ellie appears at the beginning and the end of the short movie. She is undoubtedly recognizable by her inspiring forearm tattoo and guitar-playing talents. 

This heartbreaking tale explains just how cruel it can be to attempt and endure and remain in Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic world and remake a few of the fantastic views from the game. 


If enthusiasts of The Last of Us liked this live-action movie, there is big news. Work presently starts on The Last Of Us TV series. It previously cast the Game of Thrones actor Bella Ramsey as the role of Ellie. 

Shooting has previously started on the show, which will vary significantly from the game’s narrative at points; it will reportedly last for ten episodes and maybe release in 2022. For More interesting news do follow our website

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