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Apple Juice Challenge Explained – Have You Tried This TikTok Trend

In this new challenge, TikTokers are biting into apple juice bottles, which sounds just like biting into a real apple!

A new challenge has been circulating TikTok, and it includes biting into an Apple Juice Bottle. Yes, a plastic bottle to hear how it sounds.

Unfortunately, you can only complete this challenge if you live in America, as it requires a special brand that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Even if you can’t complete the challenge, the TikTok videos are still hilarious to watch. And you’ll soon be wondering if the Apple Juice Bottle Challenge is genuine or not.

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What is The TikTok Apple Juice Bottle Challenge?

Martinelli’s, an apple juice brand in the United States, uses plastic bottles that are shaped like apples.

People on TikTok are participating in a challenge where they bite into a bottle and discover that it not only looks like an apple, but it also sounds like biting into an apple!

Is the Apple Juice Challenge Actually real?

The TikTok challenge sounds a lot like a hoax.

Many of the videos appear to be adding an apple sound effect and then editing the video to make it look like the bottle is genuinely producing that sound.

However, everyone claims that it is true! If that’s the case, Martinelli’s has done an excellent job of branding.

Is This Apple Juice Bottle Mystery Has Been solved?

Someone on TikTok solved the riddle of the Martinelli’s Apple Juice Bottle in a video.

When they dismantled the bottle, they discovered that the hard plastic was actually three layers of thinner plastic. The three layers rub together and produce a crunching sound when you bend or bite into the bottle.

So, is this a genuine challenge? We’ll never find out.

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