Hurley From ‘LOST’ Lost Weight: Incredible Transformation of Jorge Garcia

American actor and stand-up comedian Jorge Garcia, born on 28th April 1973, stuns fans with his considerable amount of weight loss when he appeared much slimmer than ever. The 48 years old actor is best known for his role as curly-haired lottery winner Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes from the TV series ‘Lost.

The TV series ran from 2004 to 2010. He gained his initial popularity among fans by his performance when he first appeared as Hector Lopez on the Television show Becker in 1998. He also starred as Jerry Ortega on the popular TV series ‘Hawaii Five-O’. The stand-up comedian was also featured in the television series Alcatraz produced by Fox studios. He recently had a smaller appearance on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

The Weight Loss Journey of Jorge Garcia

While George has established himself quite well in the entertainment industry, his weight has been a problem for him since the beginning. Jorge Garcia was always an overweight guy even in his early days as a child. At the time of working in the series ‘Lost,’ Jorge was already weighed 400 pounds. But then Jorge was asked to lose some weight for his character by the producers of the series. And when Jorge also started having some health-related problems due to his overweight body, he took this issue seriously. Over time Jorge Garcia has lost a considerable amount of weight. Let us see some important glimpses of his journey to weight loss. How much he lost and how did he do that.

Hurley From ‘LOST’ Lost Weight: Incredible Transformation of Jorge Garcia

How Much Weight Did He Lose?

The American actor, the comedian is believed to have shed over 100 pounds. In a report, it was claimed he had been weighing over 400 pounds which makes him prone to heart diseases and risk of Diabetes 2.  His very poor eating habit and his unhealthy lifestyle had gained him such a drastic amount of weight which seriously concerned his well-wishers. These health concerns made him worried about his well-being and he vowed to lose the extra weight.

Gracia, in 2006, admitted that he had lost 30 pounds through a strict diet plan in order to lose weight for his health. Losing weight is never an easy task for anyone and it was more difficult for a person like Jorge Garcia who was known for his food addiction. Jorge himself admitted that even after following the diet plan and immense exercise when he could lose only 30 lbs, he became frustrated and returned to his old unhealthy habits.

How Much Weight Did He Lose

Garcia realized that he needed to work harder to lose weight. He got rid of junk foods and switched his diet into a completely vegan diet, brought more and more fruits and vegetables into his eating habit, and limited the intake of alcohol.

So, did he get his result? Yes, indeed. The actor lost an unbelievable amount of weight of over 100 pounds. Today Jorge Garcia is the center of discussion not just because of his acting skills but for his incredibly amazing weight loss journey.

What measures did he take?

Describing this physical transformation of Jorge Garcia is as sapid as the transformation itself. When alarm bells rang about his health and he was told by Lost producers to lose weight for his character, Jorge embraced several things. He changed everything about his lifestyle. The actor started taking the help of the Nutrition Expert Team and workout coaches. The first thing they helped Jorge was to replace his bad and unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones.  

Some people even believe that he had to undergo gastric detour a medical operation to lose weight. But Jorge Garcia always claimed that it was his strict diet plan and intense exercising habits that result in him this amazing body transformation. He said he kept on dieting for more than two years, as a result of which he is looking thinner than before.

The actor began with turning himself into a completely vegan diet and brought more and more fruits and vegetables into his eating habit. He also quit alcohol. Jorge began his journey by making a slow transition from junk foods into a low carb and high protein diet. He started working out on a regular basis. Workout coaches recommended him some simple exercises to start with such as jogging or running, push-ups, sit-ups, and arms circles. 

Jorge Garcia’s weight loss workout schedule

In order to lose weight, the Hawaii Five-O actor began with some simple but effective exercises that are to be followed on regular basis alongside dieting. The exercises that are recommended to Jorge by his coaches are:

  • To burn plenty of calories, Jorge used to jog or run on a daily basis. Jogging improves cardiovascular fitness and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Breathing exercises help in improving immunity and the digestive system. They also lower blood pressure and increases body energy.
  • Cycling helped Jorge to burn a good amount of bad fats and calories from his body. The actor himself said that he used to cycle for at least an hour
  •  He did plenty of stairs running which helped him to  lose weight faster
  • Rotation exercises for shoulder, neck, and wrist, in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
  • He did many other exercises like pushups and sit-ups, air cycling, arms circles (clockwise and anticlockwise) and facial exercises.
  • These regular exercises along with strict dieting worked very well for him. It helped him to lose weight as well as to build muscles.

What was the Diet Plan?

A healthy diet is essential to sustain a life free from diseases and other serious health issues. Controlling your diet and making your intake healthier is the first step in the weight loss process. Weight loss is the simple mathematics of taking calories and burning them. Reducing your calorie intake along with regular exercises is the formula to reduce weight.

Jorge Garcia also had to go through a rigorous diet plan.  He consulted with the Nutrition Expert Team to customize his diet plan.

  1. The actor followed a customized day to day dietary routine which included products that are healthier, have low calories and fats, and provide enough required nutrition.
  2. He started to follow Nooch diet, a nutritional diet controlled by deactivated yeast. Nooch, short form of Nutritional Yeast, is an excellent source of high quality protein, fibre and various minerals. Nooch diet also contains vitamins like vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-3, vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12. It is a good source of potassium, iron and calcium.
  3. Jorge used to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and prevents constipation and keep your digestive system functioning properly.
  4. He included fibrous fruits and vegetables in his eating habit that helps to burn fat.
  5. He removed all the animal-based food items, including dairy products, from his diet and turned into a 100% vegan.
  6. Jorge Garcia’s dietary plan includes keto diets. Keto diet provides more calories from protein and fat and prevents carbohydrates. Keto diets reduce unwanted fat and carbohydrate and promote weight loss. People who want to go through keto diet can cut foods which contain high carbohydrates like sugar, soda, pastries, white bread from their diet.

What Jorge Garcia Avoided In His Diet Plan?

Following a diet plan is not an easy task for everyone. Where you not only have to consume some healthy, nutritious food but also have to give up some things which you love to eat. Most people give up when it comes to avoiding food.

Jorge Garcia also had to avoid certain food items. First of all, he gave up eating any kind of junk food and ought to drink no alcohol as it adds a lot of calories. He removed all the animal-based food items, including dairy products. He ignored fast foods as they contain fat and sugars that increase lots of calories and are very little nutritious. In order to avoid bad calories, Jorge started eating more homemade and less oily food. He ignored bad carbs such as white rice, bread, potatoes, and processed foods and beverages like soda and packaged juices from his diet.

Jorge Garcia’s incredible weight loss journey served as an inspiration not only to his fans but also to those many people who are troubled by their increased weight and want to get rid of it. Jorge Garcia brought amazing transformation in his physical appearance. A man who used to be 400 pounds today looks slimmer than ever.

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