Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews – Is This A One-Stop Platform For Complete Holistic Health?

Hello to everyone reading this, I am not sure if you have heard about the Mayan Wisdom Academy, so let me tell you all explaining everything about it in detail in this Mayan Wisdom Academy review below.

Mayan Wisdom Academy has recently come to attention for using the ancient Mayan teachings to help its clients get holistic health and happiness and is a hot topic of discussion around spiritual and mental health.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews – How This Ancient Spiritual Method For Mental Health Work?

After knowing about its benefits from many people who have enrolled in the academy, I myself have tried my hands to have a firsthand experience and I agree with the wisdom shared by the spiritual leaders who are a part of Mayan Wisdom Academy.

To share my understanding and help you make the best decision of your life by joining the Mayan Wisdom Academy, I am sharing below the Mayan Wisdom Academy review in-depth analysis that will answer any questions you might have.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews
Program NameMayan Wisdom Academy
Created ByMayan Leaders
Main BenefitsHelps to improve your holistic health, also improve physical and mental health
AvailabilityVideo format
Special Offer30-days trial at $1
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Mayan Wisdom Academy?

Mayan Wisdom Academy digital program is a one-stop platform for complete holistic health that uses the wisdom of the ancient Mayan leaders towards healing and transformation. Their holistic teaching approach is based on the synthesis of spirituality and science.

The Mayan leaders created this course to break the current patterns that you think are stopping you and manifest all that you desire using their ancient holistic health practices.

The principles of the Mayan philosophy are aimed at releasing your mind from the shackles of money, success, and materialistic things and seeking contentment along with success.

Joining Mayan Wisdom Academy program will help you emerge an improved and enlightened version of yourself, decoding the missing link towards achieving holistic growth.

What will you experience in the Mayan Wisdom Academy?

Mayan Wisdom Academy has been founded to help release your mind and body of emotional blockages, physical pain, emotional blockages, mental exhaustion, financial loss, toxic relationships, and more, helping you lead more fulfilling and holistic lives.

Once you enroll yourself in the academy, you will gain access to their wide collection of video courses that will be available to you at your convenience and plan your schedule accordingly.

You will also have access to practical exercises which will help you feel the change within yourself by experiencing deep healings that are otherwise inaccessible.

The spiritual leaders at Mayan Wisdom Academy digital program will guide you in connecting with your own self as well as the universe through meditation. You will also be given an opportunity to join various webinars organized by the academy every month.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Program

Benefits of Mayan Wisdom Academy

Joining the Mayan Wisdom Academy has helped me benefit in so many ways. I have been able to free my mind of emotional and mental blockages that were troubling for a long time.

There are many more benefits that you can attain once you decide to join the academy. Some of the benefits that I gained are

  • Deep level understanding of oneself
  • Improved interpersonal relationships and toxicity
  • Gaining of spirituality
  • Guiding and healing others as well
  • Achieving a holistic health creating mental, emotional, material and spiritual growth, accessing the missing link.
Mayan Wisdom Academy Benefits

Who will be with you in this experience?

The team of Mayan Wisdom Academy has a panel of some inspirational and indigenous spiritual Guatemalan leaders who live their lives to practice, learn and heal through the wisdom of Mayan culture. They will be there with you at every step, guiding you and sharing with you all their wisdom and knowledge through the program.

Let’s meet the exceptional mentors

Tata Juan Manual

Following the legacy of his grandfather and father, Juan is a Mayan spiritual leader who has head many institutes that are sacred, preserving the Mayan wisdom.

Mayan Wisdom Academy - Mentor - Tata Juan Manuel

Nana Calixta

A Mayan spiritual leader with an extensive experience of 35 years working with many prestigious organizations such as the UN traveling across the world spreading indigenous spirituality and empowering women.

Mayan Wisdom Academy - Mentor - Nana Calixta

Tata Carlos

Through his video recordings and books, Tata Carlos will be sharing his wisdom through the course. He has extensive experience of over 45 years, sharing the wisdom of Mayan culture traveling the world. He was a known Mayan Elder whose last teachings will be with you in this experience.

Mayan Wisdom Academy - Mentor - Tata Carlos

Tata Juan and Miguel

These twin brothers are from Chichicastenango and experts in the Mayan wisdom. Tata Juan has a specialization in the Mayan underworld, expertise in healing people from severe illnesses and blockages using negative energy transmutation.

Tata Miguel is an expert in the Mayan upper world and his healings are based on the teachings of sacred Cholqij, who is presently healing children.

Mayan Wisdom Academy - Mentor - Tata Carlos
Mayan Wisdom Academy - Mentor - Tata Miguel

Pros and cons of Mayan Wisdom Academy


  • One of the pros of enrolling with Mayan Wisdom Academy program is that it follows a holistic approach rather than focusing on any one spiritual wisdom.
  • It helps in releasing your mind from any kind of traumas and blockages, whether mental or emotional.
  • Joining the program will give you an access to interact with genuine Mayan spiritual mentors who are experts in their field.
  • The course gives you an access to video recordings that you can learn at your own convenience.
  • Live webinars hosted by the academy give you a chance to interact with the leaders and clear doubts, if any.


  • As there are video recordings of the program and live webinars occur every month, the students have to wait for the live interactive webinars to discuss points with the mentors.

Is It Legit?

Based on numerous Mayan Wisdom Academy reviews, it has been started by authentic Mayan spiritual leaders who work towards holistic health and happiness in the real world through practical guidance. Mayan wisdom is an ancient wisdom that combines spirituality and science and many members of the academy from all over the world have found joining the program.

They have seen a difference in them, in their overall wellbeing. It will help you in finding new ways of thinking and healing tools.

Mayan Wisdom Academy is giving access to this powerful world for $1 for the first month so that you can try and explore the learning and then decide to continue. This means that Mayan Wisdom Academy program must be legit.

Mayan Wisdom Academy customer reviews and complaints

Many Mayan Wisdom Academy reviews that I have come across are mostly positive customer reviews and people who have enrolled in the program have found it to be a life-changing experience that has helped them to see themselves from a better perspective.

These teachings are ancient teachings that are being brought back into the world. The program is a mix of videos, practical guidance, and live webinars that comes with a $1 first month subscription giving you a chance to be released in case you are not satisfied. But, overall, the program and the academy are beneficial for holistic growth.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Customer reviews

Mayan Wisdom Academy pricing and availability

Mayan Wisdom Academy digital program places its price at a budget-friendly price of $67, along with additional VAT. But, before you decide to take up the monthly membership, they are offering a trial of 30 days for just $1 which will enable you to decode the link to holistic health.

By taking their monthly subscription, you will gain access to videos and webinars that will help you change your perspective towards life every month, guided meditation, and practical exercises to gain higher wisdom and the opportunity to interact with other community members.

So, join the program and get a firsthand experience. As you purchase the 30-day trial, you will get immediate access through the website. As soon as your trial period ends, you will be charged the original amount and will give you access to the material for the 2nd month in case there is no cancellation.

The membership can be canceled at any time prior to the next payment.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Reviews – Is It A Worthy Prgram?

If you are going through any emotional or mental trauma or financial blockages and are unable to make the right decisions, Mayan Wisdom Academy program is the right place which will help you not only in calming your mind but will work towards your holistic health by helping you release all the negative aspects of your life and help you move towards a fulfilling and happy life.

As mentioned in the Mayan Wisdom Academy review, the customer reviews about this digital program are quite good. Many people across the world have joined the academy and have benefitted in some way or the other.

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