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Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 – Released And Watch Online


SD Gundam World Heroes is a popular Japanese anime series directed by Takahiro Ikezoe, that got its initial release on July 20, 2019. Since its release, it has earned a massive fan following in Japan and all around the world.

The show has now released 20 episodes that received positive feedback and word of mouth from the anime community. 

Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 – Released And Watch Online

Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 - Released And Watch Online

About the plot

A meteor strikes the earth and constrains the peace and harmony of the New World which was immortal for decades. However, Wukong an amnesiac youth Impulse Gundam confronts the place where the red hot meteor fell. The situation ignites havoc across the world as faster as a wildfire. During the same time, Zhunge Liang Freedom Gundam knows about an impending disaster through astrology.

Zhunge along with his companion Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam to reclaim the peace and harmony of the world from the crisis and accompanies Wukong in the journey. Now the united heroes oaths to eliminate the existing calamity and rehabilitate the peace and harmony that was disturbed.

A look back on Episode 19

Liu Bei accounts for the events with Wukong on how they traveled together and how their bond grew in realizing him that Wukong is not a nasty guy. Liu Bei devotes Wukong by mentioning him as his beloved friend. The evil powers in Wukong get awakened and it depletes with his body. He blasts every object around him and the powers begin to chain his voices.

Liu Bei prays that he is aware of the evil form in Wukong and the realization leads to fighting. The two are defending while telling Wukomg to stay. Wukong replies that he will eliminate them.

The battle got extended to the village close to and forced the villagers to flee from the place. Zhuge pretends Wukong to discuss their earlier statements and they both agree with it. Wukong wished to grow stronger and the scientist guides him to the lab to enhance his abilities. During the experiment, the scientist admitted that it is Wukong Kmpulse Gundam who was a troublemaker everywhere. One among them acknowledges that he went out of control when they tried to seize him and took over 100 men to accomplish it.

Thoughts arise in the head of the head scientist as started predicting the safety to keep Wukong inside the chamber of the lab. Wukong tries to smash the chains to escape. Master Sanzang arrived at the place and suggested the scientists teach Wukong to monitor his powers.  They settle Wukong with Baije and Wajing for training.

Later, the city gets destroyed during the battle, and only Wukong survives the war. Wukongs gets framed on the pretext of killing everyone and the police chase him. Back to the present, Wukong thirst for revenge and wants to kill the two, but he relinquishes his attacks and comprehends that he learned to control his powers.

What thrills you in Gundam World Heroes Episode 20?

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 became the talk of the tows after the animes departed version got released. The episode accounts Liu Bei continues to dominate the world using his bravery and courage along with eith other heroes who believe in spreading good feats across the world. Baijie gets captured by the bandits along with Sha Wujing and their master that makes Baijie predict about their bad omen and expects bad outcomes.

The master consoled them and empowered them with courage as they can stay alive no matter what happens. The bandits take the words as an insult and anger on the master and decide to cut his head. The episode witnesses an unexpected turn as Wukong arrives and blows up those guys away. 

The bandits who locked Baijie and Wajjng get shocked by confronting the bravery of Wukong and asks them “who the hell is this guy? Wukong replies ” he is…” But suddenly Baijie borrows the line of Wukong and says that the hero is Wukong. Wukong gets pissed off with Baijie for using his line as he was about to give the bandits an ultimatum.

What thrills you in Gundam World Heroes Episode 20?

The master acknowledges Wukong for protecting them and asks him to smash the rest of the bandits. Wukong sarcastically apologizes for breaking the wall instead of the door and said he will fix the wall later. The bandits play a number game and remind Wukong that he was outnumbered and will lose before the unity of the bandits.

The title of the episode is “Wukong’s Memories”. He taunts the two by saying he is the magnificent Qi Tian Day Shen Wukong and now he is their opponent. They exchange hard blows and suddenly Wukong wakes up and realizes he was just dreaming. Liu Bei heads out with him and Wukong told Lui Bei that he recollects everything that happened in the past.

Zhuge requests him to admit it to them but Wukong resists it. Working with his ability to control his power controls his anger and says that he remembers that he was a horrible person. Liu Bei, after hearing this confesses that no matter what has happened to Wukong or what he was he is still his beloved friend.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 was released on Thursday, 19 August 2021, at 7:00 PM. The anime program is slotted a Thursday weekly schedule and releases a brand new episode every week. SD Gundam World Heroes has infinity episodes, will all-new episodes get streamed every week.

Where To Watch SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20?

SD Gundam World Heroes is not licensed to stream on a lot of platforms. It is streamed on the official website and other websites If you desire to watch the show online visit the websites down below to watch full episodes including the recent anime

• Anime Heaven

• Crunchyroll

• Funimation

You can stream the show for free on the website or other online platforms mentioned above. The platforms offer high-quality video, English and other language subtitles also an available accurate translation.

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