Florida Gets Grappled By COVID-19 Phase So Far

According to the new study, the latest COVID-19 surge is having grief about the treatment. Based on some reports, a woman was died due to the transmission of the virus later her family conducted a funeral, during the arrangements she was also got struck by the COVID. Thereafter, 2 funerals had happened after two weeks.

The state of Florida is known as the worst-hit state from viral infection and yet the number of cases is continued leading to critical medical conditions across the state.

Florida Gets Grappled By COVID-19 Phase So Far

Doubtlessly it has a high mortality rate also and the state is working at its full medical capacity. Despite all possible actions the case number is not yet controlled and this makes citizens, experts, and the nation at a big concern.

Researchers have shared this story by feeling bad for them. They mentioned that Florida is having a grip on its deadliest wave of this COVID-19 when the pandemic had started. Somehow, disasters happened with new delta variants which are highly contagious especially for unvaccinated people. 

Based on the vaccination rates of Florida, they are slightly higher compared to the national average of vaccinated rats. The Republican governor of Florida had taken a hard-line initiative of masking system to have control on the new variants and avoid the business shutdowns.

According to the reports taken from the mid-period of august, 244 deaths are reported every day and eclipsed with a past peak with 227 deaths. 

Some sources stated that “hospitals were been rented to construct refrigerated trucks for storing the dead bodies of patients”, some of the funeral homes were overwhelmed by these situations. 

Some researchers stated that “why this isn’t being a weird dream”, children who are in grieve are having different mixed-up feelings. 

Later, some positive signs were rose among the patients who are in the hospital are dropped from 17,000 to 14,200 in a single day after indicating the right ease of surgeon the patients.

Dr. KartikCherabuddi stated that “Florida is arranging many aggressive efforts to have early vaccinations among citizens”. He added that “many numbers of people don’t have a vaccination shot”.

On this note, he says that “10 percent is also assumed to be as a large number with unvaccinated people”. The delta variant had changed all the calculations and created a massive spread already.

Researchers say that Florida is maintaining a huge difference, where the usual service is done for 5 to 6 families over a week and probably 12 to 13 families are spotted all along.

Many of the researchers share their feelings regarding their close one’s funeral that “this phase of every life will be most difficult to see the loved ones in that position”.

Pat Seemann is a nurse practitioner; she states that many patients who lose their lives are seen very closer from her eyes which creates a devasting moment for her every day. She used to call this “the wrecking ball”. 

Based on the total analysis of death reports, Florida has come up with, 46,300 deaths due to COVID-19 on the per-capita rank of 17. 

Health officials state that “lower vaccination rates will ruin all the lives of a country”. 

Some of the conclusions were made from the researcher’s side that “due to the lack of maintenance of vaccination and vaccination drives among public places is led to the devasting change of this country with increased death rates”.

Health officials warn about the severity of COVID and its variants, to be attentive about the virus transmission and vaccinations done fully which plays an important role in this pandemic situation.

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