New Study Says Ivermectin Should Not Be Prescribed For COVID Infection 

According to the new study, the drug named Ivermectin which had become a hot topic in the United States is now recommended for COVID-19 infection but, experts say that this drug should not be prescribed for COVID patients.

Researchers and international scientists’ teams are now leading this study on the drug usage of Ivermectin which is used for reducing the cause of malaria in many of the villages, malaria had affected badly over 200 million people and 445,000 have died.

New Study Says Ivermectin Should Not Be Prescribed For COVID Infection 

Here it must be noted that different doctors try to find different medicines and their effects on the virus but in most cases, they cause side effects and are not able to control the virus. It came to notice of the experts that some doctors prefer Ivermectin and hence they have immediately asked to stop the use of the same as it may lead to some more side effects than advantages expected.

New Study Says Ivermectin Should Not Be Prescribed For COVID Infection 

Based on the earlier results of this study, the team had conducted clinical trials which were promising about the 20 percent reduction for malaria disease mostly in young children.

Foy stated that Ivermectin can be used in clinical trials to prove the regulatory agencies for preventing river blindness, strongyloidiasis, and onchocerciasis. These conditions are usually caused by parasitic worms.

Based on the current source of the COVID pandemic, U.S. is discussing the Ivermectin drug from the malaria disease research.

Foy is an interview that had answered many questions related to the Ivermectin drug which was found a decade ago.

The diseases caused by parasitic diseases will affect the organ systems and formed more complexes such as SARS-CoV-2 which are not cells.

On this note, we can state that this will infect the self-caused for a cell’s protein names machinery for making more viruses.

Researchers say that “Ivermectin drug was found to combat the multicellular invertebrate organisms to stop virus formation from parasitic worms”.

Researchers say that when the pandemic had started, all the drugs should be tested against the SARS-CoV-2. “People may spread negative news about the drug usage but clinical trial organization will let you about the clinical activity which is going on in the U.S.,” says Foy.

Based on the past study, Ivermectin which is found for malaria cause is still in use because malaria disease is not reducible but can be prevented by Ivermectin, recently it was given to 3000 people.

Scientific experts express the understanding of science and drugs that is seen in huge data which is underlined cause for consequences such as holding up the overtime.

Researchers say that though there are negative consequences against the Ivermectin drug, on the prevention basis of COVID some of the social platforms are allowing people with loud voices that it may have monetary and political agenda behind this.

On this note, in this today’s world, all the people are willing to listen to loud voices and believe in them.

Some of the scientists say that “many of us are working together to discover new and innovative ideas” we being the biologists working together with competition can create a lot more vaccines for all the diseases said, Foy.

Researchers say that to have safe work on clinical trials, unbiased trials are done by randomizing the participants into many treatment groups similar to the data which is logged by giving a placebo.

When the data got published, scientists can analyze the data to criticize them with a slow-down process for avoiding the risks.

Researchers concluded by stating that “people will look for answers, but can’t realize that we should have a keen knowledge on the process going on about the drug and vaccinations”. This entire part will gain consensus within science.

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