Manuka Miracle Reviews: An Antibacterial Balm That Ensures Skin Rejuvenation?

In this Manuka Miracle Reviews, we will discuss why this honey balm becoming increasingly popular amongst people who face skin problems. Manuka Miracle, a honey balm by the health company UpWellness ensures rejuvenation of skin and provides holistic remedies as a skincare solution.

Manuka Miracle Reviews: Is This A 100% Natural Formula for Skin Care?

Manuka Miracle honey balm contains herbal components that enhance the skin’s ability to heal itself. The formula is also antibacterial to help protect the skin from everyday toxins. Manuka honey has slowly gained popularity in the health and wellness community in a short while. The Manuka Miracle Reviews state that natural cures for the skin are the best ones, and this product ramps up the benefits by providing optimum hydration, shine, and reduces inflammation.

Manuka Miracle Reviews
Product NameManuka Miracle
Product TypeSkin Nourishment Balm
ManufacturerDr. Joshua Levitt / UpWellness
IngredientsComfrey, Marigold oil, Sunflower oil, olive oil, Manuka honey, beeswax
Health BenefitsEnsures skin rejuvenation and skincare solutions.
DosageApply Manuka Miracle balm over the affected area for just 30 seconds each day
Side EffectsNo Side Effects
Customer ReviewsPositive on regular use
Price$ 47/ bottle
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Official websiteClick Here

What is Manuka Miracle?

Manuka Miracle is a honey-based formulation for skin nourishment. It is made out of honey extracted from the Manuka Bees endemic to Australia and New Zealand. They pollinate the Manuka bush commonly found in these regions. Manuka Miracle balm is sold exclusively through the website

By using Manuka Miracle balm daily, you can reduce pain and swell in the skin. This special honey has a divergent chemical composition than regular honey, so its effects are different from other types. Manuka Miracle honey balm uses herbs that have been known to treat inflammation, skin repair, pain relief, and more. The Manuka Miracle balm has olive oil, sunflower seed oil, and other natural ingredients that support skin health in a variety of ways.

Manufacturer of Manuka Miracle

Creator of Manuka Miracle

UpWellness is a nutritional supplement company led in 2007 by Dr. Joshua Levitt and Dr. Amanda Levitt that produces a wide range of supplements and formulations. The chief doctors of the company, Jonathan and Amanda Levy, came up with the miracle formula of Manuka Miracle honey balm. Dr. Levitt owns the Holistic Medicine Clinic in New England.

In addition, he is a member of the Yale School of Medicine School. In treating patients, Dr. Levitt combines modern science and natural medicine to provide them with the best possible care.“The best of all worlds” is how he describes his unconventional approach. He believes that the Manuka Miracle balm is another example. ACV Secret, Manuka Miracle, and Golden Revive + are just a few of the supplements the company makes.

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Manuka Miracle Ingredient

Manuka Miracle balm is designed to cure any skin-related issue. It does not merely treat the problem. Manuka Miracle balm treats the cause behind the problem. This is possible because the ingredients and extracts used in the Manuka Miracle balm is completely natural with proven skin-care properties, like –


The leaves and roots of the comfrey plant contain a substance called Allantoin that has been used for centuries to heal wounded skin, shedding dead skin cells, and keeping skin hydrated. Additionally, Allantoin has anti-aging properties too.


The oil extracted from the common Marigold flower has anti-inflammatory qualities. Marigold Oil is already proven for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Sunflower seed oil

Sunflower Seed oil, again, is a natural hydrant. Additionally, the sunflower seed oil is rich in Vitamins A, C, D, and E. This oil is used in many other skin-care products too, for its proven benefits. It is abundant with antioxidants to keep skin healthy and fresh for longer durations of time.

Manuka Miracle Ingredients

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a very effective remedy for skin-related issues. Olive oil is already used as a moisturizer and also protects skin from sun damage. It is also quite effective at regenerating damaged skin cells.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey has excellent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a very effective antioxidant. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is commonly used to treat skin rashes, redness, and itching.


The formula for Manuka Miracle balm contains Manuka Honey, but not explicitly Bee- wax, according to UpWellness. But Manuka Honey has almost the same property as beeswax.

The reason Upwellness describes Manuka Miracle balm in such glowing terms is probably that this product contains only natural ingredients, according to their website. No synthetic substances,  binding agents, or any other preservatives have been used while preparing this formulation, unlike other such skin-care products. Here, honey is the natural preservative, while Olive Oil binds everything together.

How does Manuka Miracle work?

  • Delivers intense hydration – Manuka Miracle balm helps in moisturising dry skin. Dehydrated skin often causes problems like rashes, peeling, flaking, dry spots and irritation to a certain degree. The Manuka Miracle has a balm like consistency which will help in maximum absorption and will reduce the dryness to a great extent.
  • Manuka Miracle balm also provides deep healing. Ensuring supple and smooth skin, this balm will protect the skin barrier which in turn keeps the texture of the skin even and hydrated.
  • Manuka Miracle balm acts as an antimicrobial agent wherein rashes and breakouts are countered.
  • Enhancing the skin’s natural radiance, the Manuka Miracle balm rejuvenates from within.
  • Manuka Miracle balm gives dermatological protection by keeping bacteria and other toxins at bay.

Benefits of using Manuka Miracle

Some of the commonly noticed benefits of using Manuka Miracle balm are –

  • Cures most types of skin rashes, pimples et al.
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • Repairs cracked skin
  • Has anti-ageing qualities
  • Bacteria and dust are kept at bay
  • Any skin inflammation will be reduced

In addition to the above, Manuka Miracle balm helps restore the pH balance of your skin, making it glow and restores the shine on your skin.

The formulation used in Manuka Miracle balm also contains proven anti-aging properties, so it regenerates dead skin cells and purifies your skin, thus keeping it looking radiant and younger for more extended periods.

There is also the proven fact that Honey has always been used for its antifungal and antibacterial properties from time immemorial. This is the reason honey usually never decays. It can last for years.

Benefits of Manuka Miracle

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Is There Any side effects of using Manuka Miracle?

According to the maker, till now, from hundreds of customer feedbacks and reviews, nobody has complained of any side-effects from using Manuka Miracle balm. This is probably since all ingredients used in this formulation are completely natural. No artificial ingredients are used here. Ingredients like Olive Oil, Sunflower seed oil, Manuka Honey are naturally gentle and work well, even on delicate and very sensitive skin.

Manuka Miracle Dosage and how to use them

UpWellness claims that using Manuka Miracle balm for just 30 seconds each day will give users noticeable improvement in their skin health. Dr. Levitt recommends the following –

•   Apply Manuka Miracle balm over the affected area

•   Rub gently until your skin absorbs the Manuka Miracle balm.

•   Within 30 seconds, the Manuka Miracle balm starts taking effect.

Manuka Miracle Results & Longevity

Manuka Miracle balm acts as a defense against infection, protecting your skin from fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes to keep your skin healthy and protected from infections. To improve moisture, reduce irritation and get additional benefits, the manufacturer recommends applying Manuka Miracle balm to specific areas. With regular use, results can be seen within 2-3 months, and with continued use for a year or more, they last longer.

Is Manuka Miracle legit?

Manuka Miracle balm is a legit product that is available on the official website. No other site offers the same. Research has commended honey for its ability to alter the immune system as a “therapeutic agent” for dermatological conditions. Therefore, Manuka Miracle balm can help the skin fight off harmful substances and protect itself. Due to its antibacterial and wound healing properties, Manuka Miracle balm can also be used as a topical remedy for wound infections all over the world. Multiple customer reviews have also commended how Manuka Miracle is a legit balm and how effective it is for skin treatment.

Manuka Miracle Customer reviews and complaints

Manuka Miracle’s customer satisfaction is very high; Countless consumers have talked about how good it is and used it. A real miracle for overly dry, flaky, cracked, and painful skin, the magic of Manuka Miracle balm is a must. However, to significantly minimize various skin problems, this essential product should be used on a fairly regular basis.

Manuka Miracle Customer reviews

Manuka Miracle Price & Availability

People who purchase Manuka Miracle balm through the UpWellness website will receive a special discount on the product. Each bottle contains 0.88 ounces of Manuka Miracle balm. It is priced at –

One bottle$ 47.00 (16% off)
Three Bottles $ 42.75 each (25% off)
Six Bottles$ 29.50 per bottle (50% off)

Manuka Miracle has a 60-day money-back guarantee

Manuka Miracle balm can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund if for any reason you are less than satisfied with Manuka Miracle, or if you do not feel a significant reduction in redness or swelling after using the balm.

Visit the official website to learn more about Manuka Miracle and how it works.

Final Verdict on Manuka Miracle Reviews

As mentioned in the Manuka Miracle Reviews above, Dr. Joshua Levitt and his team at UpWellness offer a complete skincare solution with the wonders of Manuka Miracle. The balm contains natural ingredients such as Manuka honey and beeswax, which are believed to help maintain the integrity of the skin.

Scientific evidence backs up the Manuka Miracle page. One should use Manuka Miracle balm for 30 seconds a day to support the skin’s natural regeneration process and bring significant benefits to the skin. 

Manuka Miracle FAQ’s

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