How To Achieve Optimal Results For Weight Loss?

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The market is full of weight loss supplements and kinds of diets, etc. that claim to help with your weight loss journey. However, the majority of these lack the logic and science behind them and thus do not provide any results.

People tend to fall for these traps in order to gain results sooner and forget the fact that weight gain or loss is a natural process that takes its own sweet time.

What Are The Best Methods For Fast Weight Loss?

There are several scientific ways available that can help you lose the excess fat from your body. Having said that, there is no specific time for these methods to show results. It works on everybody in different ways and then delivers the desired results.

 How To Achieve Optimal Results For Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight Through Scientific Ways?

Here are a few ways that you can try to achieve that dream body of your choice.

????Intermittent fasting- Intermittent fasting refers to a kind of eating pattern that includes regular but short-term fasts. In simple terms, you will have to eat less and fast for a long period of time in a day. You can try any of these three types of intermittent fasting-

  • The 5:2 rule- In this method, you will have to fast for 2 days out of 7 days a week. On each fasting day, you will have to eat only 600 calories.
  • Alternate day fasting- As the name suggests, in this method, you will have a fast for every alternate day. You are not limited to any calories in this method and can eat your regular normal meals.
  • 16/8 method- You will need to fast for 16 hours and eat on an 8 hours window. You need to fix the eating time, for instance, it could be around noon to 8 P.M.

????Protein for breakfast- Protein is known to regulate appetite hormones and helps you feel fuller. It happens because of the lower level of hunger hormone named ghrelin and an increase in satiety hormones named GLP-1, peptide YY, and cholecystokinin. When you have a breakfast that is rich in protein, the effect of the ghrelin hormone lasts for a longer period. For a high-protein breakfast, you should have oats, quinoa, sardines, chia seed pudding, eggs, nut and seed butter, and porridge.

????Managing your stress- When people are stressed for a long period of time, cortisol remains in the bloodstream and increases your appetite. When you do not use the sugar transported from carbohydrates passed through the blood to the muscles and brain, your body stores that sugar as fat. In order to reduce the level of your stress, you can try yoga, tai chi, meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques, or walking.

????Sound sleep- Having a good night of sleep matters a lot. People who sleep only for 5 or 6 hours per night have a higher risk of obesity. A night of poor sleep reduces the pace of the process in which your body converts calories into energy. This leads to the storage of unused energy as fat. Poor sleep patterns can also increase the production of cortisol and insulin in your body that promotes the storage of fat.

????Say no to refined carbohydrates and sugar- Sugar is highly linked to obesity. Food items that are processed such as bread, pasta, white rice can be digested easily and thus are easily converted into glucose. Extra glucose provokes the insulin hormone in your body by entering the blood which leads to more fat storage in adipose tissue. More bad fat means more weight. You can shift to fruits, seeds, nuts, herb teas, smoothies with water, etc.


There is no shortcut that you can apply in the process of losing weight. The best method to get positive results and reach the body of your dreams is to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with a consistent and healthy diet. Along with a balanced diet, you also must consider the physical activity. The combination of these two methods is sure to give you positive results.


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