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FDA Authorized Investigation Of A New Coronavirus Variant

It has been a true fact that different corvid 19 virus variants have already shaken all parts of the world. Now the spread of a new variant “Omicron” that was found in South Africa is the new buzzing topic. Omicron is the new variant of the coronavirus that is estimated to spread with a great speed due to the highest number of mutations. 

FDA Authorized Investigation Of A New Coronavirus Variant

According to some sources, the FDA is collaborating with different medical agencies and different international regulators to look out for a solution to curb the Omicron variant.

Coronavirus has been affecting the normal lives of humans for the past two years. The virus is transferred through the air and affects humans to the core weakening them from inside. The number of deaths encountered due to Covid-19 is more than 5.1 million and has created an alarming situation in the World. Alone in the United States, approximately 800,000 people have lost their lives due to covid 19.

The US Food and Drug Administration has stated that the only way to control this rise of cases in the US is by increasing the vaccination rate. Vaccinations are fabricated in such a way that they could strengthen the human immune system and prevent the effects of viruses. 

As per the reports, The US FDA has started the process of evaluating the effectiveness of vaccination on the Omicron variant as many researchers have found that the vaccine is ineffective against this new strain. Also, the infected person in the second omicron variant case which has been detected in Minnesota state was fully vaccinated and now questions have been pointed against the vaccine efficiency. 

The study by the US Food and Drug Administration will take 2-3 weeks to get some conducive results. The evolution of this variant is unknown and how vaccines will behave to this new variant is again questionable. After the studies and statistical data are available, the vaccine makers will be able to optimize their vaccines. 

Moderna has already started working on the research to manufacturing a new vaccine to deal with the Omicron variant and is expected in the next 100 days.

The variant was found in South Africa and after a week, The US also received its first omicron case in California and second case in Minnesota. 

The FDA officials are acting as a watchdog for the spread and emergence of different variants of Coronavirus right from the initial days of the outbreak in the US. But the new variant Omicron is found to have more than 50 different mutations which create greater concern for the medical authorities as the transmissibility rate will increase. 32 out of these 50 variants have the risk to spike the proteins in the human body, as per CDC.

FDA, however, believes that vaccinations are the only way to face these critical situations. The booster shots will strengthen the immune system. Although, if research found that the vaccine is ineffective against the virus, the regulatory bodies will direct the vaccine manufacturers to develop a stronger version of vaccines that can prevent the impact of the virus on the body.  

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