Third Dose Is Important For The Citizens To Understand, Pfizer CEO

Third Dose Is Important For The Citizens To Understand, Pfizer CEO
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As the omicron virus is witnessing a winter surge, the cases are increasing every day. The two doses of the vaccine are not enough to fight the omicron infection and people need to receive a booster shot so that they can have the right amount of immunity developed in their bodies.

Third Dose Is Important For The Citizens To Understand, Pfizer CEO

Getting strong protection against the infection is necessary to deal with the severity of the disease. It will help in reducing the number of hospitalizations and death rates to a great extent. 

Third Dose Is Important For The Citizens To Understand, Pfizer CEO

Earlier also the CEO of Pfizer has stated that the pandemic is not going anywhere till 2024 and there will be a dire need for the third dose of vaccine other than the booster shots. He also stated that by the end of 2022 there will be a need for the fourth dose of vaccine if new variants keep entering the world. 

According to the CEO of Pfizer, to fight against the Omicron variant and save from hospitalization, the initial two doses are not capable enough for this and the citizens need some extra protection and it can be offered by the fourth dose of vaccine.

Also, last week the CEO of Moderna also stated that the effectiveness of the booster shots will also fade away with the passage of time and we need something solid to win against the pandemic. 

The level of protection offered by the two doses of vaccines is not offering enough protection and also this has been confirmed during the trials and alone both are not able to prevent hospitalization and deaths in the country. 

There is a strong need for the variant-specific doses of vaccine that can lead to the maximum level of security and reduce the chances of hospital admissions and this role is being played by the booster shots very effectively and he accepted that Pfizer’s vaccine is not effective enough to offer complete protection. 

It is not an easy task to beat the omicron variant although, the severity is low and symptoms are very mild and it makes it difficult to assess the severity sometimes and even one-time testing is not enough to detect the omicron and multiple testing might require. So how is it possible for only two doses to offer full protection?

The health experts in the United States are emphasizing the importance of booster shots in maintaining the immunity levels of your body. The third dose will help in limiting the number of hospital admissions and deaths.

Also, the coming of the new variant, omicron has increased the tension among the citizens because it travels at a much later pace than the delta strain. The state is continuously trying to communicate well with people to make them aware of the new health rules and regulations. 

The booster shot can be taken once you have completed the primary series of vaccines. Though the severity of the omicron variant is not known to be much, this fact does not reduce the risk of the spread of infection. 


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