WHO Believes New Variant Will Emerge And Will Be Highly Contagious Than The Previous Strains

Along with the spread of coronavirus,  a lot of research work and experiments are also being conducted by US scientists and medical researchers. The health experts continuously look for variations being exhibited by the variants and how they can affect the health of the people.

 WHO Believes New Variant Will Emerge And Will Be Highly Contagious Than The Previous Strains

The omicron is a new variant of the covid 19 virus and the previous one was the delta variant which is the most lethal and less contagious.

The WHO Believes New Variant Will Emerge And Will Be Highly Contagious Than The Previous Strains

On the other hand, the new strain omicron is highly contagious and less severe. Also, the symptoms of this subtype of coronavirus are less and according to the medical experts, the subtype of omicron is labeled as BA.2 and still, the research is on but the experts say there is still nothing to worry about this strain. 

As per the recent findings by the scientists of the World Health Organization, it is being said that the new variant after omicron would be more contagious but the severity is still unknown. Based on the patterns exhibited and several experiments conducted, this is being expected stated by the medical experts.

Although the antibodies generated after the infection caused by the omicron will be very helpful and can easily handle other variants in the future.

The WHO has stated that the upcoming strains of the original virus will keep on affecting people mildly just like the omicron. The new strains in the future might be more contagious but the repercussions might be milder. 

Also, some medical experts believe that the omicron variant might be the end of the pandemic and on the other hand, some professionals have announced that these are just rumors and the pandemic is not ending at least this year and the citizens of the United States must keep following all the protocols and take preventive measures as much as they can.

Apart from being contagious, the major question that needs to be answered here is whether they will prove to be deadly for the people. The omicron cases are on a rise for a long time in the world and the situation is being monitored by the administration closely as around 80 million people have been infected alone by the new variant around the globe.

Though omicron appears to spread on a wide scale and crash the hospital beds, it is still less severe than the Delta variant. As per the medical experts, the coming strains will be more communicable as the successor strains require to overtake what is already happening. Therefore, either the severity of the contagious nature will grow eventually. However, being more transmissible, it might cause fewer mild symptoms as compared to omicron.

Talking about the omicron variant,  it is being effectively dealt with at the present stage with the help of booster doses and vaccines. Booster doses help in increasing the immunity levels by manifolds and providing nearly 90% protection against the omicron infection. The booster shots are effective in combating the omicron infection. 

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