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How Alya Manasa Manages Her YouTube And Acting Career Together?? Everything You Need To Know About Alya Manasa Biography, YouTube Channel, Baby, Career, Relationships, Family, Net Worth, Caste, Net Worth. The popular actress Alya Manasa YouTube channel and also her acting in the TV serial Raja Rani is trending now.

Now Alya Manasa has 940K subscribers on her YouTube Channel. Her character of “Semba” in Raja Rani is also trending. Many people are wondering about her multi-tasking character.

Everything You Need To Know About Alya Manasa Biography, YouTube Channel, Baby, Career, Relationships, Family, Net Worth, Caste, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Fans are searching for the details of Alya Manasa. If you are a person like that, the following sections will help you to know about the radio jockey, model, dancer, actress, and YouTuber Alya Manasa. 

Everything You Need To Know About Alya Manasa Biography, YouTube Channel, Baby, Career, Relationships, Family, Net Worth, Caste, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Alya Manasa Bio 

The famous actress, model, radio jockey, and social media influencer Alya Manasa was born on May 7, 1992, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She is 30 years old as of 2022. She graduated from the Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai.

Currently, she is settled in Chennai with her family. She holds her Indian nationality and follows Hinduism. She spent her childhood with her parents and she has a younger sister who is studying in high school. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. 

Alya Manasa Career 

Alya Manasa Started her career as a model for household brands and later she participated in a reality dance show on television “Manada Mayillada” directed by Kala Master. Through this show, she emerged as a talented dancer and got many opportunities in TV programs.

She joined Vijay television Network and featured in several programs including Ready Steady Po, Julieum 4 Perum, and Raja Rani. Her character of “Semba” in Raja Rani gave more fame. She is also a well-known radio jockey in Tamil. 

Alya Manasa Relationships 

Currently, Alya Manasa is living with her husband Sanjeev Karthick who is her co-actor from Raja Rani. They secretly dated for a certain period before deciding to tie the knot in 2017.

There were many rumors about her relationship before their marriage. Now, they are happily living together with their daughter Alia Syed. They revealed their daughter’s photo after they reached 2 million followers on Instagram and they also started a YouTube Channel together in which they share their stuff. 

Before getting married, Alya Manasa was in a relationship with the actor Manas Sathish. At that time, Alya Manasa was an established dancer and Manas was her dancer partner in a reality show. They were very attached and they had tattoos of each other on their wrist. They met in 2015 and separated in 2017. 

Alya Manasa Family 

Alya Manasa was raised by her parents who are settled in Chennai. She did not reveal the name of her parents. However, it is known that they have a family business in the Sowcarpet area, Chennai.

Alya shared many photos with her younger sister, Janani Manasa who is doing her high school study in Chennai. From her lifestyle, it is clear that she is a person who gives more importance to her family. 

Alya Manasa YouTube Channel 

Alya Manasa got more fame due to her YouTube channel titled “SANJIEV&ALYA” which she began with her family. Many people are eagerly waiting to watch Alya’s videos. Her YouTube channel uploads their day-to-day life, traveling, styling, and other interesting content.

More than 940K people have subscribed to their channel and Alya starts counting for another milestone of one million subscribers. They have 110,046,944 total views with 87 videos. They joined YouTube on March 16, 2021, and two days later, they uploaded their first video. 

Alya Manasa Social Media 

Alya Manasa is a social media influencer who Alya Manasa is very active on social media and she updates her life regularly through her official Instagram account.

More than 4.1 million people are following her through Instagram and she has 2596 posts also. When she got fame in her career, she began receiving brand endorsement and she has appeared as an ambassador to many brands. 

Alya Manasa Belief And Caste 

Alya Manasa was born into a Hindu family in Tamil Nadu and she follows Hinduism along with her husband. She belongs to the Hindu Lower caste.

She follows many rituals according to their Tamil caste and religion as her social media accounts contain many photos and videos about those rituals. 

Alya Manasa Physical Features 

Alya Manasa stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 65 kg. She has medium-length hair in dark brown color and her eyes are brown as well. There is a tattoo on her wrist which is the name of her ex-boyfriend. 

Alya Manasa Net Worth 

The famous model, actress, and influencer lead a luxurious life in a bungalow with her husband. She is very crazy about cars and recently she purchased a brand new Mercedes along with her husband.

She shared a picture of her car on March 19, 2020. As per the records, her net worth is estimated at approximately 6 crores INR. 


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