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We have been seeing Twitch Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu together in many videos for a long time. Even though the two haven’t admitted that they are in a romantic relationship and have always said that they are just friends, their closeness in the videos in which they are together, tells a different story.

So are Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu really dating or are they just friends as the stars always tell their fans? Let’s find out the truth.

Wilbur Soot And Niki Nihachu Relationship; Is The Twitch Stars Dating Or Are They Just Friends? Answering All Your Questions

Wilbur Soot whose real name is Wilbur Gold is an internet personality who is well known for his Twitch streaming videos and YouTube account.

Here You Go!! Wilbur Soot And Niki Nihachu Relationship; Explained

Niki Nihachu, also known as Niki is a German YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is famously known for her gaming videos. Both being Twitch gamers, there are common platforms and events that Soot and Nihachu would be present in.

The couple met through one of such platforms called ‘Rajjchelor’  which is a TV show on Twitch, a show in which he takes bachelor streamers to flirt and date each other in 2020. Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu was a member of the show and Wilbur Soot was matched with Nihachu.

This was the beginning of Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu’s relationship. Followed by their matching Rajjchelor, Soot and Nihachu were featured in each other’s videos multiple times. In March 2020, Wilbur Soot traveled to Germany but it wasn’t sure whether he went to Germany to meet Nihachu or was he just on a vacation.

But when Soot was in Germany, he was seen in one of Nihachu’s videos which indicated that Soot might have gone to Germany to meet her only.

A fan of Soot and Nihachu have stated that the two weren’t dating and Nihachu herself have said that they are friend but contrary to that, Soot and Nihachu seemed like a couple who is in love in their videos.

Some fans have also speculated that Soot and Nihachu might be dating but they aren’t sure about their relationship, so that’s why the couple is confirming the dating rumors. All in all, it seems like Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu are dating but the depth of their romantic relationship is unknown. 

Wilbur Soot started his self-titled YouTube channel in 2011 and presently the channel has 6.19M subscribers and his Twitch account has 4.3 million followers.

Niki Nihachu rose to fame after her appearance in Rajjchelor and her dating rumors with Wilbur Soot have also helped her in gaining more followers and subscribers. On YouTube, Niki Nihachu has 1.42M subscribers and on Twitch, she has 2.4M followers. 

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