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Is Sofie Dossi Really Dating Dom Brack Or Was The Dating Just A Prank? Has She Moved On From Her Ex? Here You Go!

Ever since Dom Brack posted a video on his YouTube titled ‘My Friends Meet My New Girlfriend’ where Sofie Dossi has appeared on the video as Dom’s girlfriend, everyone has been questioning if Sofie Dossi, America’s favorite gymnast and YouTube star is really dating Dom Brack or not.

Because both Sofie Dossi and Dom Brack and almost every YouTubers are known for uploading prank videos and fooling their viewers so easily, it is hard to understand what is real and what isn’t real.

Is Sofie Dossi Really Dating Dom Brack Or Was The Dating Just A Prank? Has She Moved On From Her Ex?

But in the case of Sofie Dossi, there are no more doubts or speculations needed anymore, Sofie Dossi is dating Dominic Brack. Sofie Dossi herself confirmed that she is in a romantic relationship with Dom Brack by posting a YouTube video titled ‘Meet My Boyfriend’ and the relationship was is also made Instagram official by she posting a photo of them kissing at Disneyland.

Sofie and Dom made their relationship official six months ago and the couple is still together and is entertaining their fans with many pranks and funny videos, with lots of PDA. 

Sofie Dossi And Dom Brack’s Love Story

Sofie Dossi’s and Dom Brack’s love story goes a long back than the 6 months that they have made it official. The couple first met in June 2020 at their common friend Andrew Davila’s birthday and for Dom, it was love at first sight.

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But for Sofie, it was nothing near to love at first, in fact for her it was dislike at first sight. Dom Brack has been a fan of Sofie Dossi even before they met in person but all those didn’t charm Sofie into dating Dom.

She also had rejected him multiple times. But it looks like Dom Brack was so much in love with Sofie that the rejection didn’t make him step from the efforts that he has been putting into making Sofie love him back.

After hanging out together for months, Sofie Dossi’s dislike of Dom Brack transitioned into liking and they both became friends. Sofie Dossi and Dom Brack posted many videos of them together on YouTube.

Sofie Dossi and Dom Brack surprised their fans out of the blue by posting a video on Dom’s YouTube titled ‘My Friends Meet My New Girlfriend’. But at the end of the video, Dom and Sofie told the viewers that the video was just a prank and they are not dating.

But this unleashed the rumors of Sofie and Dom dating, but the couple never acknowledged it. Finally, the couple confirmed their relationship via Instagram and YouTube, since then Sofie Dossi and Dom Brack have been giving major couple goals for their fans and also haven’t hesitated in showing their love for each other on Instagram and YouTube. 

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