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Listeners’ Heart Always Skips A Beat When They Hear Jim And Sasha Perform: The Magical Father-Son Duo!!

Judges and listeners were always left emotional every time the father-son duo performed at The Voice season 21. Jim and Sasha moved the audience with a stunning performance and all were in tears when they heard the duo’s back story. 

Jim and Sasha hail from Connecticut. Jim works as a music teacher and Sasha developed an early affection for music because of Jim’s profession. The duo had given an audition for the Voice season 21. Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson turned the chair and praised the duo’s musical skill. However, they chose Ariana as their mentor. 

Listeners’ Heart Always Skips A Beat When They Hear Jim And Sasha Perform: The Magical Father-Son Duo!!

Sasha’s mother’s identity has not yet been revealed. Sasha was born and brought up in Newtown, Connecticut. Jim grew up in various folk styles and taught his son Sasha to play guitar when he was 6.

Also, Sasha always used to join his father’s gigs whenever he felt like it. After some time the duo became official and started performing at open mics and many local venues. 

At first, the duo seemed like any other father-son duo who gave auditions. There was more to Sasha’s identity. People were all crying when they heard the story of Sasha. 

Sasha unraveled the story of her desire to become a male. Sasha was born a female. He always expressed his feelings written on paper and would tear the paper. He was ashamed and didn’t want anyone to know. But when Sasha’s parents got to know about their son’s wish they supported Sasha to make her wish come true. 

The parents helped Sasha in the transition process and were proud of their child’s decision. Sasha always thanked his parents when on stage for how supportive they are to him. 

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Sasha has a good following fan base on Instagram where he has 30k followers. He barely did any music videos on his page. All that was there were the artworks he drew and painted. He posted a lot with his girlfriend but very little on music. But the Instagrammer posted his audition for voice season 21. 

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