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Unveiling The Secrets!! Do You Believe “Death On The Nile” Is A True Story?

Is Death On The Nile based on a real story? Most of the audience asked this question after watching this thriller film directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Considering Death On The Nile as the sequel to “Murder on the Orient Express”, this film is a story of love, lust, envy, and obsession. Film director Kenneth Branagh also played the lead role of the world-famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot who traveled through a luxurious riverboat named S.S Karnak.

Unveiling The Secrets!! Do You Believe “Death On The Nile” Is A True Story? 

This journey was mixed with a murder mystery in which the newly wedded Linnet who is the wife of Simon dead. The trailer of the movie contains a sentence that “Every passenger has a motive” which itself portrayed its connection with the real world.

After the murder of Linnet, the people who have very close to the newly wedded couple became suspects and Hercule Pirot declared that the killer is on the boat itself.

The settings and the backgrounds might be familiar to many of you and many minds already connect this movie with many real-life incidents. So, without further ado, let’s analyze whether The Death On The Nile is a real story. 

How Death On The Nile Connected To A Real Story? 

According to Director Kenneth Branagh and many other sources, Death On The Nile is not based on real-life incidents and it doesn’t have any direct connections with real-life events or persons. It is completely fiction which is based on Agatha Christie’s novel under the same name, published in 1937.

It is her famous book in the collection of literary works in which Hercule Poirot has appeared. Although it is fiction, it has many connections with Agatha’s personal experience, especially her traveling experience through Egypt.

She connected her imaginations with a few geographical and historical elements from Egypt. At the time of Agatha’s Egyptian journey, she stayed in the hotel named Old Cataract Hotel and it is the same hotel in the movie in which Linnet and Simon get married. 

Death On The Nile is so relatable to everyone due to the wide view of the story. Agatha included many personal experiences which lead the story to explore several related issues in it. The movie or the novel contains a love triangle between Linnet, Simon, and Jacqueline. And the same love triangle is visible in Agatha’s real life too.

However, we can’t conclude as the movie is based on a true story. As usual, it has many connections to the real world and the movie contains several variations from its root version, the novel by Agatha Christie. 

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