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Marshmello Face: Marshmello Real Identity & Name Revealed 2022

Although many people around the world follow him, it is unclear who he really is. He always wears a mask, so that we can’t figure out who he is. It has been an old question of ‘who’s under the mask?’

We should not talk about the Banks’ personal life because they wanted it to be private. I think he wanted to keep his private life private. It was really good and people didn’t know about it. And they had been trying so hard to know him.

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Marshmello IDENTITY:

We don’t know who he is. Fans were surprised when Marshmallow said that it was a trick. He does work with different artists and nobody knows his true identity. We think the person who is behind Shawn Mendes’ mask is not actually Marshmello. Remember in 2018 when Marshmallow came on stage at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards. Then Shawn Mendes walked onto the stage and it was a surprise.

This article says that Marshmello’s real name is Chris Comstock. When Forbes magazine tried to find out the mystery, they were close. They said that the DJ Dotcom is trying to be like Marshmello. But, they said that isn’t true. Skrillex called Marshmello Chris because Forbes said so.

It has not been confirmed if the evidence they have shown is true. They have not said anything, because Marshmello’s lawyer and agent haven’t said anything. Forbes said that Marshmello has a tattoo on his leg. This is not a coincidence if you can find one on DJ Dotcom’s leg too.

Marshmello CHOICE:

The President has never said that before. After analyzing the text, I found out it was referring to a master. Behind closed doors, he takes his privacy seriously. We are not to interfere with his private life unless he decides to make it public.

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