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“Big Mouth” Gaining Cult-Following!!! A Series With A Promising Future; Season 6 Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast & All You Need To Know

It’s been only months since the arrival of the fifth season and fans can’t really wait for another. Big Mouth has become one of the most successful series in this category in just five years.

An out-of-the-box animated series targeting an older audience rather than children is something we won’t witness often. Being an animated series helps the creators to exhibit a lot of creative freedom. 

The series is set in suburban New York where a group of seventh-graders struggles through their puberty simultaneously getting influenced and directed by their hormones shown as monsters (shoulder angels).

“Big Mouth” Gaining Cult-Following!!! A Series With A Promising Future; Season 6 Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast

The hormones make the best use of the teenager’s vulnerability. The plot explores puberty with the most common problems like sex, the human body, masturbation, arousal, etc. The series won 3 Primetime Emmy Awards in the years 2020 and 2021 and several awards in its 5-year long run. 

Expected Release Date

Because of the series’ promising future, we can only hope that Big Mouth season 6 is coming. There is no release date set for its arrival. If it’s happening it could be towards the 2022 end.

The series has been releasing seasons in quick succession and due to its critical success and popularity, it has all the room for another season.

The first season premiered in September 2017 and the second season was on October 5, 2018. A February month Valentine’s day special episode was aired on February 8th, 2009 and the rest followed in October the same year. The fourth season premiered on Netflix in December of 2020 and the latest season was on November 5, 2021. 

Expected Cast

The expected cast for season 6 will possibly be the same as that of the previous seasons. Nick Kroll will continue as Nicholas Arsenio, John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman, Jessi Klein as Jessica Cobain – Jessi, Jason Mantzoukas as Jayzerian Ricflairian – Jay, Fred Armisen as Elliot Birch, Andrew Rannells as Matthew MacDell, Jak Knight as DeVon, Gina Rodriguez as Gina Alvarez, Neil Casey as Lars, Joe Wengert as Caleb, Fran Gilesspie as Samira, Jon Daly as Judd Birch, Mark Duplass as Val Bilzerian, Paula Pell as Barbara Glouberman, Richard Kind as Marty Glouberman, Seth Morris as Greg Glaser, Jessica Chaffin as Shannon Glaser, June Diane Raphael as Devin LeSeven. 

Season 6 Expected Plot

Seasons four and five have a somewhat similar ending. Season 5 had a dramatic ending where Nick finds out that the bugs and monsters live inside him, Missy and Jessi reconcile with Missy’s liberation from the hatred worm, and Jay chooses Matt over Lola.

Season six could possibly continue the battles inside for Nick and Andrew over their diverse physical forms. Lola can be caught up in seeking vengeance as she’s not ready to let Jay go. Season six also could show the growing friendship between Jay and Matt. 

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